We'd be surprised if South Park: The Fractured But Whole didn't get an ESRB M for Mature rating. Its name alone is a joke about buttholes, and it's a South Park game. It's a no-brainer, and it's certainly not news. However, the way they described the reasoning behind the rating is worth sharing. With extreme detail, the rating describes just how explicit and crazy this game can get.

For starters, the description you'll see on the box is pretty general and just about what you'd expect. The game received its M rating for "Blood and Gore, Mature Humor, Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Use of Drugs, and Violence," but you can imagine that it only scrapes the surface as to what the new South Park RPG has to offer.

The ESRB's synopsis on the game starts off with a simple explanation on the game's story and gameplay, but it quickly gets down and dirty. Here's what it has to say:

"Blood-splatter effects occur often, and cutscenes occasionally depict "cartoony" dismemberment or decapitation. The game includes several instances of mature humor, racial humor, and sexual material: characters are depicted urinating and defecating; one extended sequence (in a strip club) depicts a character performing a lap dance while emitting flatulence; one scene depicts a towel character performing an obscured sex act on a man in an alley; another scene shows a man watching security monitors and repeatedly reaching for lubrication behind his desk—all sequences are depicted in a cartoony and over-the-top manner. Characters are sometimes depicted nude (e.g,, breasts, buttocks, male genitalia). During the course of the game, players can observe characters snorting lines of cocaine, and in one level, players must complete a quest to bring a marijuana prescription to a character. The words "f**k," "c*nt," and "sh*t," and racial epithets (e.g., "n**ga," "sp*ok") are heard in the dialogue." — South Park: The Fractured But Whole's ESRB Synopsis

Are you entertained by the rating? Will you be picking up a copy of this game for its over the top and racy content or for its refined RPG elements? Hit the comments to let us know what you think!

Source: ESRB