Nintendo is almost ready to launch a new Smash Bros. game, and this time they're changing things up a bit. Instead of standard trophies, Smash Ultimate is introducing "Spirits" and a new mode to accompany them. These spirits are toy characters who have lost their physical form, and you can unlock them, train them, battle against other spirits, and even send them back to the physical world.

Spirits are divided into Novice, Advanced, Ace, and Legendary categories. Additionally, there are Primary and Support spirits, each with their own benefits. Once you've equipped yourself with some spirits, the game will select an appropriate enemy for you to battle, based on your team. There's also a bit of a rock-paper-scissors mechanic, where spirits can specialize in Attack, Grab, or Shield, with each method being effective against one and weak against one.

Your Primary spirits can gain experience, level up, and some even unlock an enhanced form. Upon transferring a spirit back to the "real world," you'll unlock "cores" which can be used to summon new spirits. Can you collect them all?

Source: Smash Direct