Nintendo promised that Splatoon 2 would be getting more free content throughout the year, and the updates just announced for release in November and mid-December are meatier than usual! Featuring new maps, a new mode, and tons of brand new customization options for players' Inklings, Splatoon 2 is going to be packed with content for the holidays.

The first of the holiday updates lands soon, on November 23rd to be exact. A new stage for Salmon Run called Salmonid Smokeyard as well as new gear (140 pieces according to Nintendo) and hairstyle options will be added, increasing just how hip your squid kid will be. You can check these out in the trailer above. New battle stages will be added to the game starting on November 24th; among the inkcoming stages, a fresh shopping mall named MakoMart and the Shellendorf Institute museum will be newcomers, and Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall from the original game will return as well. To make battles in these stages fresh, new music featuring the in-game bands Ink Theory and Bottom Feeders will debut as well!

A more robust snapshot mode comes in the November update too. With Amiibo figures, players can capture pictures in battle stages at preset locations. Seemingly taking a hint from Super Mario Odyssey, tons of filters can be applied to screenshots of the Inklings. In other update news, the level cap is being raised to a max of Level 99. Players will get the chance to restart their leveling once they reach this milestone as well. Gear can now also be swapped without leaving the match room, meaning that the same players can continue playing in consecutive regular battles.

A second update will be made available in mid-December and will introduce a new mode: Clam Blitz. Players are expected to collect golden clams scattered around the map and deposit them inside their team's net near the opponent's base. The first team who reaches 100 points first wins! However, it's not that simple; baskets are protected by a barrier, which can only be broken by carrying Power Clams that are only earned by collecting 10 normal clams. You can steal opponents' clams by inking them. It should also be noted that the clams that are used to unlock the barrier cannot be used to collect points, so strategy and coordination among teams will be key.

So what are you most excited for in Splatoon 2's inkcoming updates? Will you deck out your squid kid in a spiky Mohawk? Are you ready to ink more turf? Does the prospect of a new ranked battle mode excite you? Let us hear your hype in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo UK

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