Switch is moving on up in the world. Nintendo's hybrid console made its debut in March of 2017, and less than a year later it had officially surpassed Wii U's lifetime sales numbers. Switch's sales numbers have slowed down a bit from that record-setting first year on the market, but those numbers should pick up again soon with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokémon: Let's Go on the way. In the meantime, Switch just reached a major milestone.

According to the latest numbers from Nintendo, total Switch sales now sit at 22.86 million. This puts the young console over one million units ahead of GameCube, which ended its run at 21.74 million units sold worldwide. Of course, Wii U and GameCube are not among Nintendo's best sellers, but it's still impressive to see Switch pass them up so early in its life. The next big mark to pass is Nintendo 64, and Switch will need another 10 million to break that barrier. Here's how it compares to Nintendo's other home consoles at this time:

  • NES — 61.91 million
  • SNES — 49.10 million
  • Nintendo 64 — 32.93 million
  • Nintendo GameCube — 21.74 million
  • Wii — 101.63 million
  • Wii U — 13.56 million
  • Nintendo Switch — 22.86 million

Of course, Switch is much more than just a traditional home console. Since it functions as a standalone handheld product as well, let's see how it stacks up against the rest of the Nintendo handheld lineup:

  • Game Boy — 118.69 million (includes Color)
  • Game Boy Advance — 81.51 million
  • Nintendo DS — 154.02 million
  • Nintendo 3DS — 73.53 million
  • Nintendo Switch — 22.86 million

Switch is still a long way from surpassing any of Nintendo's major handheld devices, but if it continues its strong pace for a few more years, the numbers of Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 3DS are definitely within reach. Catching up to the Game Boy / Game Boy Color and DS will be a much harder task, but a long life and some hardware revisions could get it there.

Source: Nintendo