A dozen of you have read about Summer of Covers ten times now (and another dozen have skipped over it entirely—you know who you are. Shame on you). Regardless, Summer of Covers was an effort started by Carlos Eiene of Insane in the Rain Music to raise $1000 for Child's Play Charity, along with your help. Eiene would spend every day arranging, recording, and producing a new video game music cover, uploading them each under the differently-themed weeks. Speaking as a musician, believe me when I say, that's a lot of work.

But we come bearing wonderful news! Summer of Covers has reached its goal! In fact, the goal has been exceeded by a whopping $221! Donations to Child's Play Charity for the Summer of Covers cause are still open if you want to up the cash count a little bit, which I urge you to consider, because it's for a great cause. You can subscribe to Insane in the Rain Music to stay updated on Eiene's work in the future, but as celebration of the end to Summer or Covers, you can also head past the jump to get a full run-down of every Summer of Covers song ever!

Great work Carlos, and a big thumbs up to everyone who helped along the way. We done good, folks. We done good.

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