A ton of Nintendo Switch owners are excited for Mario's newest adventure, Super Mario Odyssey. This game will take you to various locations around the world, and Nintendo just revealed some brand new details about our favorite mustached friend's newest adventure. This includes brand new Kingdoms, a screen capture mode, Amiibo support, and much more.

Nintendo started by shedding some light on Mario Odyssey's main story. The form-possessing cap Cappy has been separated from his sister Tiara. It turns out that Princess Peach is wearing Tiara while Bowser is trying to pursue his plan of marrying her. Mario and Cappy plan to work together to save their beloved Peach and Tiara.

The Direct proceeded to show off a trio of brand new Kingdoms that Mario will be exploring in the game. Shiveria is a region of the Snow Kingdom, a blizzard-covered land with icy lakes and paths covered in snow. On the opposite side of the temperature gauge is the Seaside Kingdom's Bubblaine, a gorgeous oceanic area the sports crystal-clear waters and plants that can apparently rocket Mario forward to help him run across the surface of the water. Finally, there was an unnamed Kingdom that they simply showed footage of and teased as a tropical island.

During their adventure, Mario will collect Power Moons, and the game will help you keep track of which ones you've collected in each world. To aid you in your travels, a bird named Talkatoo, the special Hint Toad, and Uncle Amiibo (who appears when using Amiibo) will give you hints to help you find Power Moons that you may have missed.

Super Mario Odyssey will also feature a snapshot mode that lets you take a screenshot at any angle, edit it with different filters, and post it to social media. You can even crop it to create a background for your smartphone! This feature goes a lot farther than the Nintendo Switch's built-in screenshot button.

At the end of the presentation, Nintendo revealed the very first official Switch bundle for the game, too. It will include a digital copy of Super Mario Odyssey, a Nintendo Switch system, and a red carrying case. As of now, there's no confirmation of how much it will cost.

You can check out all of these details and more in the video above, and let us know your thoughts on all this in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Direct