Super Mario Party was given a spotlight on Nintendo Treehouse Live yesterday, and it returned today for the final day of E3 streaming to reveal some new modes, including one with the franchise-first ability to play minigames with both friends and strangers online! We had to wait for the very end of the segment for this detail to be dropped, but in the meantime the team treated us to looks at the game's other modes, focusing heavily on "Partner Party" mode as well as a better look at the Tank minigame shown off during the Direct.

The Partner Party mode is a twist on the beloved board games of Mario Party. Instead of being a four-person free-for-all, players will be split into teams of two and join forces to roll dice, gather coins, obtain stars, and win minigames. Both teammates roll their individual dice, then add up their scores and each move the resulting number of spaces—and because these boards allow for free movement, rather than constricting you to specific pathways, there looks to be a large amount of strategy that teams could use to maximize the efficiency of their movement.

The tank minigame seen in the Nintendo Direct was also given the spotlight for a few minutes. Utilizing two Nintendo Switch consoles, players will have a few different stage layouts to choose from, each holding a different setup of breakable blocks, unbreakable warp pipes, and character spawn points. They can then push their consoles together and draw a line between screens to connect both sides together. In the game itself, you drive around tanks and blast each other to pieces, as tank minigames like this are wont to do.

Finally, the Treehouse took a minute to talk about the new "Mariothon" mode. This is described as something for those who want something in-between regular board game modes and just playing minigames. Mariothon will give players a varying roster of five minigames to play back-to-back, in order to see who can get the highest overall score. While you can play this mode with friends, there is also an online variant of this mode, which will include leaderboards and online rankings. It's the first time you'll be able to play Mario Party minigames against online opponents, and while it may not have the boards of the main modes, this is sure to get a ton of use out of fans!

You can watch the full segment for yourself in the video below. What do you think of these new modes? Which are you most excited to try out? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3 2018