The launch of Nintendo Switch is just a few months away, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is probably the most highly-anticipated game coming to the console in its first year. Although many assume that it will be a launch title, Nintendo hasn't confirmed this, and recent rumors and reports have indicated that it won't be ready in time, as localization and bug testing are still ongoing.

Nintendo hasn't given a clearer launch window than just "2017," but a now-removed listing from Target suggests it's coming in June. The retailer's online store briefly listed the game as launching on June 13th, 2017, but it has since been changed to say "coming soon." We've heard rumblings that the game could be launching in the Summer, but the specific date listed by Target was likely just a placeholder, as June 13th is a Tuesday, and Nintendo typically releases their big games on Friday.

Source: IGN