GameXplain recently got a chance to interview Risa Tabata, the Assistant Director behind Paper Mario: Color Splash. During the interview, they asked her if she had considered the possibility of remastering Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door in HD, now that the team has created a fully HD Paper Mario game for the first time. She then asked the GameXplain's Ash if he would be interested in buying such a remaster, and after seeing his enthusiastic response, decided that a remake could be considered if enough fans supported the idea.

You can watch the interview above, starting with GameXplain's question regarding The Thousand-Year Door! You can also read a transcription of her response here:

GameXplain: As Andre touched on earlier, the game looks fantastic. Have you considered the idea of remastering an older Paper Mario game in high definition, like The Thousand-Year Door?

Risa Tabata: If we made one, would you buy it?

GameXplain: Absolutely!

Risa Tabata: I think if we hear that a lot, then we'll have something to think about.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see a remaster of The Thousand-Year Door? Do you think the possibility could be open, several years down the line? Let us know in the comments below!

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