Last year saw sparks fly between Nintendo and its fans after the company unceremoniously shut down a number of fan games, several of which had spent multiple years in development and garnered tons of attention and large followings. Perhaps the biggest of these was AM2R: Return of Samus, a remake of Metroid II that had its plug pulled mere days after release. Many have no doubt still held some resentment towards the Big N, but now, perhaps, that lingering anger can be put to rest.

A tweet from Milton Guasti, the creator of AM2R, has announced some exciting news that serves as a happy ending for this tale of conflict and controversy. As of last week, Guasti announced, he has joined Moon Studios, the development team behind the beloved Metroidvania Ori and the Blind Forest and its recently-announced sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps. He will be working on level design for this new title, allowing fans of the genre to experience his vision for action-packed 2D levels in the near future.

While Guasti doesn't exactly come out and say it, it's a pretty safe bet that his work on AM2R is what put him on Moon Studios' radar and helped him land the position with them. It's great to see that all those years of hard work for his fan project have earned him such an awesome opportunity!

Are you excited to see what Guasti brings to Will of the Wisps? Did you manage to play AM2R, and how do you think that fan game might influence its creator's new project? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Twitter