Ever since the 2012 hit Journey impacted the lives of gamers everywhere, fans of thatgamecompany have been wondering when their next project would finally surface. At the recent Apple Special Event, the time was right for thatgamecompany President and Creative Director Jenova Chen to reveal Sky, a socially driven gaming experience for Apple devices.

Sky will first release for Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone devices at the end of this year, and it runs a chance of appearing on other platforms in the future. The experience has been described by the company as a social adventure game in which players control characters who live in a civilization set against beautiful scenery above the clouds.

It looks like this new project has taken a few hints from Journey, from its concept of connecting with other players to being able to float around an intriguing space. Many different types of gamers should be able to experience the wonder the game seems like it could provide; thatgamecompany's goal with putting their new title on mobile devices was for players of all types to be able to experience their project.

Are you going to pick up Sky on an Apple device when it first releases this winter? Are you optimistic that Sky will launch on other platforms in the future? Let you know what you think about this new game and its reveal in the comments below!

Source: thatgamecompany

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