You may have heard of development studio CD Projekt Red for their work on the open-world The Witcher series. Taking many game of the year awards, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt was released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and received an astounding amount of positive reception. Now the developer is taking an interest in Nintendo's newest system, code named NX.

In an interview with Rocket Beans TV, Fabian Mario Döehla, CD Projekt Red's communications director, said that the NX "will be fantastic" and that everybody at the studio is excited to work on it. He later expressed on Twitter that while this stream was full of jokes, he is indeed "convinced" the system will be fantastic.

While, Döehla recounts, many European devs took their time falling for Nintendo's Wii console, "what you hear [of the developers] about NX is all very positive." Even though the NX probably won't match the power of Microsoft's Project Scorpio, as he believes devs might not want to make games for a more powerful and less affordable Nintendo system, Döehla reiterated that he is excited for the NX, once again saying, "it will be spectacular."

Source: Rocket Beans TV (via NintenGen)