If the resurgence of the Tomb Raider franchise in recent years has you feeling nostalgic for the originals, we've got some good news. While the first three numbered Tomb Raider games are already available on Steam, they suffer from numerous performance issues. Thankfully, remastered versions of all three are on the way, courtesy of developer Realtech VR.

Realtech announced via Twitter that they're working on the remastered versions of the games, based on the mobile versions, which will be distributed as free updates to the existing versions of the games on Steam. You'll need to purchase the regular versions of the game first in order to play the remastered versions. The games will all run on a new engine, and they'll have support for OpenVR.

The first two games are already up and running in their remastered state, and you can check out footage of them below. The third game is currently in development for iOS, and the PC remaster is being developed alongside it. Realtech expects to show off footage of the iOS version of the game early next month.

Source: Realtech VR

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