Okami is a classic from the days of the PlayStation 2, and later the Wii and PS3, and there's a chance the adventures of the lupine sun god Amaterasu are on their way to a new generation of gamers! Every now and then, rating boards list a game that hasn't been announced yet, and a few days ago the Korean Ratings Board did just that for an Okami HD, listing it for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This is hardly the first time we've seen them leak a game, as the KRB also revealed Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection and the current gen ports of Resident Evil 6, so there's a solid chance that Capcom will be announcing Okami HD soon.

If those listings on their own aren't enough for you, this follows a recent report from Kotaku UK which also claimed that the title was on its way, specifically for release in December of this year. That report came from two unnamed European retailers who had listed the game in their internal schedules; this additional group of listings from Korea further supports those rumors. The Ratings Board does not list a release date for the title, however, so we won't be able to confirm that aspect until a formal announcement is made.

Having played the game originally on the Wii myself, and having craved a sequel ever since (besides Okamiden, which I found fairly underwhelming), I'm very excited for the chance of the game getting into the hands of even more gamers. The lack of a Switch version is a bit irksome, but here's hoping that Capcom is at least considering one—painting with the Celestial Brush would work great with the console's touchscreen and motion controls, after all, so let's cross our fingers that a Switch port is in the cards too.

Would you like to see Okami HD on the major consoles of this generation? Which version would you get, or would you prefer to hold out for a Switch version of the game to be announced? Will we ever see a true console sequel to Okami? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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