Just over a year ago, Nintendo announced that they were working on new hardware under the code name NX. They haven't revealed many official details since then, but rumors have been numerous. Most recently, images surfaced that were supposedly a prototype for the NX controller. The images closely resembled patents filed by Nintendo, and Destructoid's analysis concluded that it likely wasn't Photoshopped, at least not significantly. Shortly after, more images surfaced, and Game Informer Editor-in-Chief Andy McNamara stated that they were consistent with reports he had heard about NX.

Nintendo has avoided commenting on the supposed leak thus far, and we ruled it as likely being false in our recent podcast. Industry insider Liam Robertson furthered our suspicions, reporting that a Nintendo of Europe employee assured him they were fake. Today we have final confirmation, as the creator of the fake has stepped forward on Reddit with a video that reveals how it was done. Click above to watch.