Nintendo has released a new Tri Force Heroes trailer, showing off some of the game's costumes and the abilities they give you. The Kokiri Clothes allow you to shoot three arrows at once, dealing greater damage to enemies. The Goron Garb outfit allows you to swim through lava, taking no damage whatsoever. When wearing the Fire Blazer outfit, you can release huge fireballs, which can quickly and easily melt large pillars of ice which hide items or block paths.

The Hammer Bros. style Hammerwear costume gives the player a huge hammer that can deal massive damage to enemies, and destroy ice pillars. Finally, the Sword Suit allows the player to shoot sword beams when they attack with the sword.

Other outfits shown in the video include the Big Bomb Outfit, Cheetah Costume, Ninja Gi, and Spin Attack Attire. We have seen all of these costumes before in previous videos.

Tri Force Heroes demo codes are being handed out now, and the game will release on October 23.

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