Ever since Fire Emblem Warriors was shown off more in-depth at E3, gamers have been speculating about what other types and kinds of characters from the beloved strategy RPG series we would see in the game. A new trailer has now answered some of that question by showing off a number of additional characters from the main cast from Fire Emblem Awakening who will be joining the Warriors fray.

The new trailer shows the Shepherds of Ylisse, led by hero Chrom, running into the original characters for Warriors: Prince Rowan and Princess Lianna. Lissa, Frederick, Robin (male), and Lucina (masked and unmasked) all make an appearance in the trailer's story cutscenes, and they all seem to be dedicated to helping their new friends seal away an evil dragon in the series' typical style.

Notably, this marks the first time we have seen playable characters other than sword-wielders populate the game. It looks like Lissa and Frederick are each wielding axes, while Robin naturally uses magic. Lucina is yet another sword fighter—along with Chrom, Marth, and a gaggle of Fates characters including Corrin, Ryoma, and Xander—but, as a main character from her game, she was definitely expected to show up eventually.

There is a fairly short wait until this game launches this fall in North America. So, in the time beforehand, what other Fire Emblem characters would you like to see revealed? Are you holding out hope for more supporting characters or those from games other than Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates? Let us know what you expect and what you would like to see in the comments below!