A while back, data miners discovered that every Nintendo Switch has an NES emulator buried within its hardware, mysteriously named "Flog." Now they've uncovered the probable meaning behind that name, as it turns out that the Switch has an NES game pre-installed with the console as well: the NES title Golf. What's more, this old game has been remade to allow the use of a brand new control scheme, namely motion controls.

This copy of NES Golf allows you to play the game with a single Joy-Con, and as such it automatically supports two players. It also has two different control schemes—you can use the D-Pad and control stick for more traditional controls, but holding ZL or ZR can let you play the game with motion controls too. This is probably the first NES title to ever be redone to allow the use of motion controls, and it'd certainly be cool to see if and how Nintendo could do the same thing with other gems of that era.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit of all, however, is that while the data miners who discovered the game were also able to hack the system to run the game, some of them suspect that the title was included as an easter egg for the system—meaning that if people can figure out the right places to go and buttons to press, anyone should be able to open and play this game on their Nintendo Switch. I guess the race is on to see who can figure out how to access this easter egg first!

What do you think of this discovery? Are you excited to find an NES title with motion controls, and will you be searching for a way to play it? Or are you like me, and this just makes you want the Virtual Console back all the more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Reddit