DOOM is coming to the Nintendo Switch thanks to Bethesda, so naturally fans have been wondering if the DLC for the blockbuster title will be included. Thankfully, since the Direct, Bethesda has confirmed that all of the DLC for the game will be coming with the game, save for one small exception.

The SnapMap level editor will be the one downloadable addition to the other versions of DOOM that will not make its appearance in the Switch version; editing together classic levels of the shooter franchise will still only be possible on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions. No explanation has yet been provided for its absence.

Additionally, the physical Switch edition of DOOM will only include the single player campaign, but the multiplayer functionality will be available as a separate, free download thereafter. The issue of cartridge space will obviously be nonexistent for DOOM's digital release on Switch, so the multiplayer mode will come with that version automatically.

Are you excited to play DOOM on the Switch? Have you played it already, or will this new version give you your first chance to finally vanquish demons with your virtual guns and fists? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Engadget