One of the big concerns surrounding the upcoming Nintendo Switch has been the initial price point. While Nintendo is set to reveal the price officially in January, fans are doing everything they can to figure out Nintendo's plans for the device early by looking for any possible clues. Earlier today, we reported that the Switch could possibly be sold at UK retailer GAME for £200. Most recently, a listing for the Nintendo Switch was spotted on a Canadian Toys "R" Us website for $329.99 CAD, which converts to about $250 in United States currency and £200 for those in the UK. For comparison, the Wii launched at $249.99, and the Wii U started at $299.99 for a basic 8 GB system. The Toys "R" Us listing for the system was quickly taken down, but screenshots of it are able to be viewed in the gallery below.

What do you guys think of this possible price? Would you buy the Nintendo Switch at $250? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IGN

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