It's summertime, so that means the The Speed Gamers are back with another week-long marathon for charity. This time around, the gamers will be livestreaming a week-long, nonstop Final Fantasy marathon for the autism charity ACT Today. This charity does amazing things for those suffering from autism and for autism research and awareness.

For those unfamiliar with The Speed Gamers, they are a group of passionate, charitable gamers who gather together multiple times a year and speed run games for charity. Their marathons are always successful, with goals being reached more and more quickly each marathon, and they are a lot of fun to watch. The commentators and gamers in the stream rotate as new games come up, but their antics are hilarious and the fun never stops. Even if you can't donate, it's worth watching for fun and to promote them so that their goals can be reached or even exceeded.

The marathon will run from today until next Monday, July 1st. You can check out their stream here and visit ACT Today's website here.

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