After the last Nintendo Direct, New Play Control! Pikmin, the re-release of Pikmin that came out for the Wii almost eight years ago, launched on the Wii U eShop in Europe. Nintendo promised that the game would be coming to North America shortly after, but they didn't announce an exact date at the time. Yesterday, the company released a new trailer for the eShop version of New Play Control! Pikmin, which revealed that the game is coming to North America in less than two days, on Thursday, September 29th. The game will only cost $19.99.

A short new trailer for the game is available above. Because this is the New Play Control! re-release, the game can be played using a Wii Remote and a Nunchuk, with no need for a Classic Controller or a GameCube Controller.

What do you guys think? Now that Pikmin is being re-released on the eShop, are any of you planning on buying and replaying the game? Are there any of you who have never played the original Pikmin? Let us know in the comments below!