As more and more people take game development in their own homes, it's now become easier than ever to get their passion projects out to the world with yesterday's launch of the Xbox Live Creators Program. The program allows independent developers to publish their own games directly onto Xbox One's and Windows 10's game stores via a simplified certification process and no concept approval required, albeit with some restrictions compared to full-scale releases.

The first round of indie games are available now via the brand new Creators Collection, and you can see them in action via the highlight reel above, hosted by Larry "MajorNelson" Hryb and [email protected] Director Chris Charla!

To qualify for the Xbox One Creators Program, indie game devs need their own Xbox One console, the free Dev Mode Activation app, a working game engine such as Unity, and a Microsoft Developer account. Games published via the open program will later be purchasable on the online store, but will not include Achievements, GamerScore, or online multiplayer—those who wish to go the extra mile will go through a more lengthy verification process via [email protected].

Are there any smaller indie games you hope to see on the service? Found a favorite gem off the platform already? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!