Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove may have recently received its new, official downloadable expansion in Specter of Torment earlier this spring, but that certainly has not quenched a thirst for M-rated, 3D action with the titular shovel-wielding hero. One fan and modder at least had that thirst, so he quenched it with "Shovel Souls," an elaborate, work-in-progress mod of the original Dark Souls.

YouTube user Abject is working to incorporate more than just Shovel Knight skins into the world of Dark Souls. By watching the trailer for "Shovel Souls" above, you can see how the mod replaces the hero character with Shovel Knight himself (complete with shovel and matching armor), works Shield Knight into the gameplay with a reenactment of the original Shovel of Hope campaign, and includes text, music, and sound effects from Shovel Knight into the world for a fuller experience.

What do you think about this crossover mod? Are you excited to see where it goes from here? Let us know in the comments below!

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