Love it or hate it, crowdfunding has become a huge part of the indie game development process. For many projects, these campaigns are make or break; either you meet your goal and are able to continue, or you fail, which can lead to entire projects being halted. One current project that's caught my eye is LUCAH, a vivid, Dark Souls-inspired RPG from melessthanthree.

LUCAH is an action RPG based in the realm of nightmares and self-discovery. You play as Lucah, one of a few children with magical powers, collectively known as the Marked. People fear these powers and the destruction they can unleash, so Lucah and the other Marked are hunted relentlessly. One night, they fall asleep and wake up to find themselves in a "distorted and hellish ritual space." This world spawns creatures known as Nightmares in order to torment the Marked to no end. It is up to Lucah to brave the Nightmares "to seek Purification and escape the Corruption that threatens to consume them."

Upon first looking at LUCAH, you'll probably notice the unique art style. The vivid colors that flash against a dark background. The jagged, cartoony style that's reminiscent of a schoolkid's notebook scribblings. There's just enough detail on the characters and enemies to give you some idea of what they look like, while still leaving most of the more minute details to the imagination.

Though the art style may be what draws you in, it's the combat where LUCAH really shines. Combat utilizes a stamina system (much like Dark Souls) that drains upon attacking or evading. Light attacks are faster and weaker but use less stamina, while heavy attacks are slower and more powerful but require much more stamina. You can also try to avoid damage by evading enemy attacks. If you time your dodge well enough, you can even get in a few counter attacks as well!

However, LUCAH throws a few twists into this tried and true mechanic as well. First is the paradigm shift system. As you progress, Lucah will acquire various Mantras (think attack styles) and Familiars, all of which you can switch to on a whim. By shifting paradigms, you can change your style mid-combo, allowing you to better adapt to the tide of battle.

What's even cooler, however, is the Rewind system. Say you're playing Dark Souls and find yourself in a real pickle during a fight. Death (not to mention all of its penalties) is a very real possibility. In LUCAH, however, you have a limited ability to rewind time to the beginning of the encounter, allowing you to recover all the health you lost during the scuffle. Though you can only use this power a few times, the Rewind ability refreshes all available charges upon resting at a checkpoint or upon death, so it encourages you to take advantage of the power.

If LUCAH sounds like a game you might be interested in, there are a few things you can do to help its development. First, you can head to the official site and download the demo. Give it a playthrough or two and see what you think. If you're still committed to helping out, make sure to head over to the official Kickstarter campaign and consider contributing. As of this writing, LUCAH needs just over $2,500 to meet its funding goal, and it has only a few days left to reach it. If you can't contribute monetarily (or even if you can), you can also help spread the word. Head onto Twitter, Facebook, or whatever the latest social media fad is and tell your friends about the game. Even if you can't donate, maybe they can!

LUCAH is currently planned for a 2018 PC release, with the possibility of a console release later on. You can check out the trailer above, as well as some great screenshots in the gallery below!

Source: Kickstarter