Nintendo's new retro console, the NES Classic Edition, has drawn a ton of attention over the past few months, and not only because of how hard it is to find. The mini device allows access to a wide variety of classic games, but it does have some issues when it comes to things that Nintendo consoles have since moved away from, namely wired controllers and requiring a TV. Well, the modders of Kei Studio have taken it upon themselves to change that, and they did so by transforming a Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom, Japan's version of the NES Classic, into a Game Boy.

You can check out the video above to see it in action, as well as to see how they took the Mini Famicom and moved all that hardware into a Game Boy-esque shell (don't worry about the Japanese text, as it also has English subtitles). It does get pretty technical, so the full 25 minutes won't be for everyone, but if you'd like to see how you might convert your own NES Classic like this, it's a great tutorial.

Would you like to try this out for yourself? Are you even one of the lucky few who has an NES Classic and could therefore attempt this? Let us know in the comments!