Super Mario Odyssey is on the horizon, but for some fans like YouTube user Aurum, it is not enough. Such is the reason for the existence of "Neo Mario Galaxy," a fan-made modification to Super Mario Galaxy 2 that can be added to any homebrew-able Wii or Wii U. Featuring new creative and challenging Mario levels, this fanmade project might just be enough for Super Mario fiends to get their fix before the next official Mario platformer.

"Neo Mario Galaxy" has a lot of new content to offer, including 22 additional Power Stars and the return of the Ice Flower and Red Star power-ups that were only available in the first Galaxy. Lots of the level gimmicks—such as beep blocks and wind currents in cloudy levels—from Super Mario Galaxy 2 are also receiving a remixed twist.

One of the eight new galaxies, the Turnlog Galaxy, even looks to be a remade version of the secret level from Episode 6: The Shell's Secret of Noki Bay from Super Mario Sunshine! A single world map will display all of this new content and can be downloaded here. Step-by-step instructions are listed on Aurum's website, so anyone with some time on their white gloved-hands should be able to play his creation.

Does "Neo Mario Galaxy" look worth picking up to you? After just replaying Super Mario Galaxy 2 myself, this add-on content seems like a great addition to the already stellar game that is Galaxy 2. If you have picked this fan-made work up already, let us know how it holds up in the comments below!