Indie developer Toby Fox captured the hearts of many with Undertale in 2015. The hit RPG is a bit on the short side (with lots of replay value), but as it turns out, Fox has been planning a much larger successor for years. Fox released the first chapter of the upcoming game, Deltarunelate last year.

However, he revealed that he'd need to recruit a development team in order to complete his vision for the game. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like there's been much progress on that front yet. Nintendo recently interviewed Fox for Nintendo Switch News in Japan, and when asked about the development of Deltarune, he revealed that he doesn't yet have his desired team.

Fox went on to say that he's been spending a lot of time working on the game's dialog and music, but in terms of actual programming, it's still at "0%" beyond the first chapter. Fox joked that trying to give an estimate on Deltarune's release date right now would be like downloading a file with slow internet and seeing there's still "20 years" left to go.

That said, this shouldn't be taken as all doom and gloom. Nintendo and Sony are bringing the demo to Switch and PlayStation 4, so there's clearly strong interest from major publishers. Hopefully, it won't be too long before Fox has the team and funding he needs to dive into Deltarune development full speed.

Source: Nintendo

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