LEGOs and Pokémon are two of my favorite things, and they recently combined to raise money for charity. Dirk Van Haesbroeck is known for making large, detailed LEGO sculptures, and he was recently commissioned by the video game retail chain Game Mania to create a pair of giant Pikachu models. These two models were then auctioned off to raise money for Bednet, an organization that provides online education for sick children. They ultimately raised €3,500, or around $3,671, for the charity.

Each of the Pikachu sculptures is made up of 25,000 bricks and weighs over 60 kilograms (132 pounds). Van Haesbroeck spent "100 hours of pure building time" creating them, in addition to the time it took to plan their design out. You can browse some images of the sculptures in various stages of being built by clicking through the gallery below.

Source: Game Mania, Dirk Van Haesbroeck

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