Even though the game released last summer for most of the world and in October for North America, fans are still pouring over Yoshi's Woolly World in a frantic search for all of the Smiley Flowers, Wonder Wools, and more. However, one fan has found even more hidden gems that show the game's relation to another woolly Nintendo adventure. Twitter user Random Talking Bush has tweeted several images of unused data that was discovered in Woolly World that show that the game looked much like Kirby's Epic Yarn at one point in development.

According to Random Talking Bush, Yoshi's Woolly World is full of tons of unused content, including an unused Epic Yarn-esque texture, art showing off yarn Miis, and other unused art, levels, and more. It appears that the game underwent many changes during development before it was even announced! You can check out the full set of images in the gallery below!

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