A handy new piece of software has been unveiled today from TeHaxor69 at the GBAtemp forums. With the help of Deku93, TeHaxor69 has created a Windows application that allows Wii U Pro Controllers to connect to your PC through Bluetooth communications. With this useful new tool, you can map buttons on a Wii U Pro Controller to your keyboard and use it to play games on your PC with the comfortable grip of a home console controller. Applications similar this are nothing new, but for those who prefer the Wii U Pro Controller to all else, now is the time to sing and be merry.

This program has no official name as of yet, nor has there been any word on whether or not these two handy programmers intend to release a version for Mac. This program, however, supports the Wii U Pro Controller's LED and rumble features and displays the controller's battery, USB, and Analog status. While it comes with default button mappings, this program allows you to customize mapped buttons as you wish, including the analog sticks, which both work as secondary ways to activate the controller's face buttons.

You can swing by the GBATemp forums to give a big thanks to TeHaxor69 and Deku93 for making this application, or you can download it directly right here.

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