Update: So, as the story goes, mistakes happen, and this time it was GameStop who made it. Apparently a global system glitch caused the game to vanish from store computers, prompting the phone calls and cancelations of pre-orders. They are currently working on a solution to get the pre-orders back up. That is, Watch Dogs isn't going anywhere, and Ubisoft still has Nintendo's back. For now. This was confirmed to me after GameStop called me back to apologize about the pre-order situation and asking me if I wanted it to be moved back to the Wii U after it was fixed. I will call them later to confirm you can pre-order it again.

Original Story:

Earlier today we reported how GameStop's in Italy were informing customers their pre-orders for Watch Dogs on the Wii U were being canceled because the game is no longer being released on the system. As it turns out, we have even newer reports today confirming the exact same thing happening in the United States. I called my local GameStop and sure enough, they already canceled my Pre-Order and I had it moved to Xbox One. While I can still pre-order the game through their website, that is likely just a formality as their whole system gets updated.

While no official word has come down that the hotly anticipated title is no longer available for the Wii U, Ubisoft decided to give a rather candid response:

"We have nothing to comment at the moment," a Ubisoft spokesperson replied.

This was in response to inquires by CVG. While nothing is official at this point, unless we hear otherwise it is safe to assume that Ubisoft has pulled the plug on Watch Dogs for Wii U. Assuming this is the case, we may have very well reached the end of support from Ubisoft on the Wii U itself. As pointed out previously, Assassin's Creed IV didn't sell all that well, nor did Splinter Cell. While Rayman Legends did decently well, it was far from stellar numbers to write home about. With Watch Dogs likely pulled, it seems the only game we'll probably get from them going forward is Just Dance. Watch Dogs is still available on Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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