DLC for games is nothing new these days, with even Nintendo getting in on the action in recent years. It looks like they'll be doing so again with their upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2, as this morning's Nintendo Direct announced an "Expansion Pass" for the game. Five rounds of DLC appear to be planned for the title, which will roll out from December all the way until autumn of next year.

Some of the packs seem a bit on the small side, though they could end up being massive changes in their own right depending on how Nintendo and Monolith Soft choose to implement them. But there does look to be some rather impressive DLC on its way as well, with the final entry for next autumn being listed as "A Brand-New Story and Adventure!" You can see the full list of DLC packs in the screenshot in the gallery below.

These packs will not be available for separate purchase, unfortunately, but you can pre-purchase the season pass starting today via the Nintendo eShop. While it wasn't mentioned in the Direct, the pass will cost $30, so it's no minor investment. Let's hope that we get more details on what all this extra content contains soon.

Will you be grabbing this season pass, or do you expect the main game to be more than enough to sate your RPG thirst? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Direct