The Nintendo Switch seems to churn out a new masterpiece every few months, and for many RPG fans, there is hope that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 becomes the next big hit on the system when it launches on December 1st. To stoke the excited fires in the hearts of fans, Monolith Soft and Nintendo released a new story trailer and a music video for one of the game's beautiful songs, "Shadow of the Lowlands."

The music in both videos (attached down below) is sweeping and haunting. It pairs nicely with the emotionally-charged story of this game in which Blades are both companions and the weapons our characters fight with. Protagonists Rex and Pyra depend completely on each other. One thing is for certain: in this game, getting to the sacred Elysium is not going to be easy.

Will you be picking up Xenoblade Chronicles 2 when it releases this Friday? Have you been interested in the series before, or are you just now getting curious about this fantasy epic? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below!