Xenoblade Chronicles 2's Nintendo Direct just wrapped up, but one of the biggest new details about the game came right at the start. For a while now, gamers have been critical of some of the voice acting in the upcoming title, with many hoping that they'd be able to switch to Japanese voices if they wanted to. This is now confirmed to be an option in the game, with Nintendo planning to add the feature via a free DLC patch on launch day.

English subtitles will, of course, be available no matter which language you choose to listen to, and Nintendo was kind enough to give us a taste of this with a trailer showing off the Japanese voices. It also serves as to introduce us to what looks like a pretty substantial cast of characters, so make sure to check it out above!

Will you be making use of the Japanese voice-over option in Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Or are you fine with the English voices? Personally, I rather like the sound of the English cast...except for Rex, whose voice might make me switch to Japanese all on its own, to be honest. Let us know your thoughts on the voices and the game in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Direct