Hardly anyone had predicted that the Yoshi series would be seeing another new installment so soon after Yoshi's Woolly World for the Wii U, but that is exactly what we got when Yoshi (working title) was announced during Nintendo's E3 Spotlight this year. Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018, the main mechanic at play is being able to flip the sidescrolling stages 180 degrees (in other words, along the vertical axis) to reveal secrets and alternate pathways in the diorama-esque levels that this title offers.

Exceptionally clever, the switching mechanic looks like it should add a lot of open-endedness to exploration and puzzles in this Yoshi adventure, along with lots of replay value. Every level in the game, it seems, will have two versions: a regular mode and the flipped version, giving players a glimpse at the levels background and set pieces from behind. Not only that, but the game also lets you interact with Yoshi and enemies as if you were playing in a 3D space; Yoshi can now throw eggs into the foreground and background of levels by changing shot trajectory, for example. This lets you knock away objects like paper mache shrubs to reveal secrets and hidden pathways.

As with Woolly World, this Yoshi game is also developed by Good-Feel, a company that is no stranger to making interesting 2D platformers for Nintendo franchises. As with their previous Yoshi game and Kirby's Epic Yarn, Yoshi for Switch will feature co-op multiplayer with two Yoshis at once. Unique to this mode, a simultaneous ground pound will immediately flip the stage to reveal the other side, so it sounds like cooperating will be paramount.

What do you think about Yoshi for Switch so far? Are you excited for another platformer starring everyone's favorite green dinosaur or are you waiting for the game to show off how interesting its flipping mechanic really can be? Let us know what you think in the comments below!