Nintendo had a lot to bring to E3 this year, but one game many noticed was missing was the new Yoshi title announced at E3 2017. It was supposed to be coming out this year, but with no mention of it during yesterday's Nintendo Direct or Treehouse Live segments, many started suspecting that it was seeing a delay. Well, now it's been officially confirmed: Yoshi Switch has been moved to 2019.

Game Informer reached out to Nintendo about the possible delay, and they confirmed it in a simple statement.

"We can confirm this game will be released in 2019." — Nintendo

It's a shame to see it get moved back, but the end of the year is already looking pretty solid for Nintendo right now, with Super Mario Party, Pokémon Let's Go, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate all launching in the holiday season. Hopefully that was the main reason behind this delay, rather than troubles in development.

Source: Game Informer