Hackers quickly went to work adding more games to the NES Classic when it released last year, and things are no different in that regard for the recently released SNES Classic. Using the same method of adding games, hackers have figured out how to load more SNES titles to its Classic Edition. While the SNES Classic may already be equipped to play the previously unreleased Star Fox 2 and twenty more classic gems, the system can hold even more of your favorites if you are willing to take the risk.

Players can use the HackChi software to add dozens, even hundreds of additional SNES games to the Classic Edition. The system has 300 megabytes of storage, so there is plenty of room to add games and even box art if one wishes. A home button can also be added to the system by configuring a controller input instead of having to press the reset button on the system itself.

It should be known, however, that interfering with your SNES Classic Edition could result in it breaking or otherwise not working properly. Also, acquiring the ROMs for other SNES games is illegal and has its own set of challenges. Game at your own risk.

That being said, is this something that interests you? What SNES games do you think should have been on the SNES Classic in the first place? Personally, I would have loved to see Chrono Trigger and my personal favorite 16-bit game—Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest—make appearances on the system. Let us know if you are missing out on SNES Classic fun, whether because you've yet to get your hands on one or because there are games you wish had been included, in the comments down below.

Source: GameSpot