Capcom is gearing up for a big revival of the Mega Man franchise, and that includes a new cartoon series from Ben 10 creators Man of Action Entertainment. The Blue Bomber's new design had a controversial reception last year, and that commotion was further fueled by some recently-discovered footage showing Mega Man in action against Fire Man and Drill Man.

The clip was quickly removed after its discovery (but you can watch an alternate version of it above), and as it turns out, it was never meant to be seen by the public in the first place. Rockman Corner spoke with Dentsu Entertainment about the footage, and they stated that it was from internal animation tests at Film Roman LLC and was never meant to be released. Dentsu Entertainment went on to state that Mega Man's new look is "still very much evolving" and that fans should not expect that clip to be representative of the finished product. That said, it appears to be largely in line with the design unveiled last year.

Additionally, Dentsu clarified that the cartoon is not confirmed for Disney XD, despite what some reports claimed. Exact details of when and where the show will air will be revealed at a later date. We've previously heard that it's targeting a 2017 release, but that was nearly a year ago, and no further details have been given since then.

Source: Rockman Corner

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