More than a week has passed since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild received its first DLC expansion: The Master Trials. For those who purchased the DLC, there is already more to get excited about; development test footage and a new article of clothing for Link was announced for The Champions' Ballad DLC, Link's next playable adventure in Breath of the Wild!

Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma attended the recent Japan Expo in Paris and broke the news that players will again be controlling Link for the next DLC addition to the game. Many fans had been wondering about this, given this new story DLC's apparent focus the four ancient Champions; some theorized that you may take control of the Champions or of Zelda herself for these segments. Even though we know Link will still be playable, though, the above Tweet shows that The Champions' Ballad DLC will also expand upon Princess Zelda's story, seemingly in events after the main game.

We already know that this holiday DLC pack will provide a new dungeon for Link to explore along with this story content. Set to launch this holiday season, The Champions' Ballad seems like it will be the meatier expansion compared to the recently released Master Trials in the $20.00 USD expansion.

More than just a new story will launch with this DLC, too. The lobster shirt Link wears on Outset Island in The Wind Waker is the first new clothing option we have been shown for this second DLC pack, and if the first pack is anything to go by, players will be able to deck Link out in other new shirts and slacks from throughout the series.

A new art book has also been announced for the game, dubbed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Master Works, in which readers will be able to see the design process for characters, locales, items, and more in the game. It is the third of the official reference books, of which Hyrule Historia and Arts and Artifacts were the first.

Are you excited for these Zelda-related developments? Have you already picked up the DLC or are you going to wait to see how The Champions' Ballad expansion ends up once released? Feel free to speculate and let us know in the comments down below!