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This week's video game sales charts for the eastern market are now in, and Nintendo is crushing the competition as proudly as ever, claiming every one of the top ten games, nine of which are on Nintendo 3DS. Console sales are also in, with Nintendo 3DS and Wii in the top two, Wii U just outperforming the PSP in the number four slot, and Xbox 360 all the way at the bottom with a pathetic 506 units sold all week.

Head past the jump to see the numbers.

More Miiverse Updates

February 20 2013 by Colin McIsaac

Nintendo has updated their critically acclaimed Miiverse service once again today. Marty from Nintendo has taken to the Mii streets to detail the new features. First, there is a new filter in each community that allows users to see posts only by people who have played the game for each community. There is now an unsubscribe button to allow users to unsubscribe from other users who are filling their feeds with excessive posts, and users will no longer see posts or comments from others they have blocked, whereas before they could still be sen in communities. Last but not least, any posts that you have marked as spoilers will now be displayed as a spoiler post, meaning that you won't see details of an important plot point you haven't yet reached more than once. You can watch this video thanks to NintenDaan or check Miiverse yourself to see the original post.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is one of the most-anticipated Wii U games of the year, and with a tons of free DLC, handy new Wii U features, and a perfectly-integrated 3DS version to boot, there's a lot to be excited about.  Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has a lot to say about the dual-screen gameplay of the game and how it was designed with customization in mind. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is one of many games showcasing how the Wii U GamePad enhances the gaming experience, and hopefully there will be many more to come both in and out of the Monster Hunter universe. Unfortunately, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate does not feature off-TV play, a wonderful feature of the GamePad that transforms the Wii U from a nifty machine to a great console.

"When we decided to make the game on the Wii U, we actually brought out the game on 3DS first – the 3DS version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate came out in Japan about a year ago, so the game was designed from the very beginning to have that two-screen interaction. So when we made the game – although it was based on Monster Hunter Tri – we felt like we had put so much new content into the game that it deserved the chance to be played by more and more people. The Wii U was a perfect fit because of the fact it has the two screens and you're able to do cross-compatibility between the 3DS and the Wii U. It just made a lot of sense for us to bring that experience into the living room, into the HD realm." — Ryozo Tsujimoto

Head past the jump to read the rest of what Tsujimoto-san has to say.

Gamescom is an annual trade fair held in Germany, where hardware and software developers can show off their latest creations. Nintendo attended Gamescom 2011 to show off The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, and more. In 2012, Nintendo opted out of the conference to focus on other advertising campaigns, namely for the 3DS and the then-upcoming Wii U. Nintendo has since decided to come back and participate in Gamescom 2013, where they will hopefully display some of their wonderful upcoming software such as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Super Smash Bros. 4, or Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

"Nintendo's return is an absolute highlight for our community, exhibitors and trade visitors from around the world. The participation of Nintendo underlines the strong support of the BIU-Members for gamescom. We are looking forward to a great gamescom 2013" — Tim Endres, Gamescom Project Manager

Fingers crossed, this year's Gamescom is going to be an outstanding show.

Last month, Balloon Fighter was released to the Wii U eShop as the first game of Nintendo's 30-30-30 Virtual Console promotion. For just thirty cents, Wii U owners can download one preselected game each month, but there was a big problem for European users: Wii U Virtual Console games only ran at 50Hz, meaning that Nintendo slowed down games to cope with a lower refresh rate. While this may seem like a minor inconvenience, it can be a curse when playing games in real-time. Fans caused an uproar to see that Wii U Virtual Console games ran so slowly, and it seems that Nintendo has taken their complaints to heart.

Today, F-Zero is available as the second game in the 30-30-30 promotion, and according to various players, Nintendo has taken it upon itself to make the game available at 60Hz across all regions. Now PAL players can enjoy the game at full speed—which is especially important in a game like F-Zero. Hopefully this is the beginning of a rule, rather than the exception.

In the wake of all the negativity towards Aliens: Colonial Marines, various people who claim to have inside information have conflicting opinions as to whether or not the Wii U version of the game is the one we've been waiting for. One user on the TimeGate Studios forums claims to be tracking the Wii U version of Colonial Marines, and says that one of the reasons to other console versions are so shoddy is because most of the team's effort is going into the Wii U version, which is being built from the ground up in order to port the game to Sony and Microsoft's future consoles. Below is an excerpt from his full post.

However, what alot of people don't identify (again because of general concensus) is that the Wii U version (still very much on the way), done exclusively by Demiurge studio's, is the big version; the joint venture was banking on.
I know what you're thinkin right? "WTF!?, how stupid, no ones adopting the Wii U, what were they thinking?" and you'd be right if it wasn't for the fact that SEGA's industry analysis favoured the U version, in fact the entire joint venture did. 
This is because that version ports to the new consoles by Sony & MS (in the future) and thus has the tightest longevity of the product. Instead of a few months in the dying period of current gen systems, they favour a product that will last (potentally) 2-3yrs and allow for sequals. [sic]

An alleged game tester, however, claims that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines is actually the worst of all of them. Head past the jump to see what he had to say.

Nintendo has just released a video on its YouTube account of Iwata and Miyamoto enjoying themselves in Luigi costumes. When the shenanigans are over, Miyamoto sits down to discuss many details of their goals and results for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Much of the video was seen at last week's Nintendo Direct, but there is plenty of charm at the start and new information for those who missed it last week to make this video a worthwhile watch.

Waiting for all of Assassin's Creed III's DLC to be available before you buy it? Well good news, the wait will be worth it when Ubisoft releases Assassin's Creed III: Washington Edition later this year

AC3:WE will supposedly feature the standard AC3 game along with all of the King Washington DLC that will be released online over the next few months. The Tyranny of King Washington DLC features an alternate story-line in which Washington becomes a tyrannical king where Connor never joins the Assassins and fights for his homeland's freedom. 

In related news, Ubisoft will be releasing a collection of HD Ghost Recon titles later in Spring called Ghost Recon Anthology.

You heard right; Nintendo announced today that Just Dance 4, Zombi U, and Assassin's Creed III would be 30% off on the eShop for the next week. The offers only last until the 26th. If you haven't gotten your hands on any of these titles, they're all pretty good titles for their respective genres. Just Dance is always nice to have around for friends, and Zombi U is guaranteed to be a unique experience. 

Are you going to snag any of these titles now that they're a bit cheaper?

According to a tweet from MCVonline, Ubisoft is holding a press even for the Assassin's Creed franchise on February 27th. nothing else is known about this mysterious press event, but there are several possibilities. This event could officially reveal the rumored Assassin's Creed: Black Flags, or it could be about the upcoming and completely re-imagined Assassin's Creed title due out later this year.

Whether it's the official announcement of one of these titles or something else entirely is still unclear, but be sure to check back at Gamnesia on February 27th when the official announcement is revealed.


This controller had a lot of potential. Originally it was advertised as the Wii Controller Pro U, a three-in-one controller, containing a Wii Remote, Classic Controller, and Wii U Pro Controller, all in the shell of a Wii U Pro Controller. However, someone royally screwed up in the hardware department, because this controller only functions as the first two, so its appearance being nearly identical to the Wii U Pro Controller is going to cause some major dissatisfaction for customers who buy it believing it is a cheaper alternative to the Pro. It has been re-branded the Retro Classic Controller, and the labels on the packaging have changed to reflect the absence of Pro Controller functionality.

As previously stated, this controller has the same layout as the Wii U Pro Controller: four shoulder buttons, two analogue sticks and three menu buttons at the top and the D-Pad and face buttons at the bottom. There are also other additions to this controller, such as a pointer on the top, and clickable sticks. The clickable sticks are practically useless, as the left stick is just B and the right is Y. The most prominent feature of this controller at a glance, is that it has a mini SNES pad at the bottom of it, with all of the trinkets of the face of the original SNES pad. The A and B buttons are purple and convex, the Y and X buttons are lavender and concave, there's a very similar cross D-Pad, and there are even additional Start and Select buttons in the middle of it. It's a very nice touch.

Hop in for the full review, where I'll be discussing the technical aspects of the controller.

Bummed about the Rayman Legends delay? Me too. To make up for it Ubisoft said they'd be releasing another Rayman Legends demo exclusively for the Wii U, which turns out isn't happening. Instead Ubisoft will be releasing the entire online challenge mode of Rayman Legends exclusively for the Wii U.

Challenges are updated weekly and daily with its own unique leaderboard for players to beat and compete. The challenges take place in 5 different settings, the Deadly Pit, the Land of the Dead, the Infernal Tower, the Dojo, and a Wii U exclusive area, the Dungeon. The challenges can be talked along or with up to 5 players. Players can also play against other player's ghosts to challenge in an effort for supreme dominance. Players will be able to look back at all their previous feats with a History feature in the game. But it won't be easy as even the dev team for Rayman Legends will be competing against you!

Rayman Legends' challenge mode will hit the Wii U around early April and it will be free for everyone.

This has been one interesting saga. Watch Dogs is a new IP from Ubisoft that is arguably one of the most hotly anticipated games of the year. While it was definitely expected to come to Microsoft and Sony consoles, its status with the Wii U has been a bit murky; a short while back an upcoming game list at Gamestop listed Watch Dogs and Rainbow Six as Wii U titles; however, Ubisoft never confirmed, and when I went down to my Gamestop to grab a sheet and double-check, neither game was there. Then, even more recently, a leaked poster suggested Watch Dogs would be coming to 'all home consoles'--including Wii U--this holiday. Still, no word from Ubisoft.

Now, preorder listings have appeared at both Gamestop and Best Buy; for two of the biggest video game retailers to put up listings is pretty suspicious. We may not have heard anything official from Ubisoft yet, but with all the claims they've made in support of the Wii U since its launch, I wouldn't be surprised if a Watch Dogs announcement is one of the cards Nintendo's hoping to play at E3; God knows they need something up their sleeves after all the news they spilled at Directs over the last few weeks. 

When the Toki Tori 2 team reached out to us it was a bit of a surprise. It's not that we haven't had prebuild copies of games before, or that we don't attend press events to provide previews. It's just a rarity to see a company reach out to lesser known entities to build interest for their game.

Toki Tori 2 arrives next month on the Nintendo Wii U eShop and we were fortunate enough to spend roughly an hour and a half with a preview (alpha) build of the game so we can give you all the nitty gritty on what to expect come next month.  

Jason Jones, co-founder of Bungie and one of the creators of the massively successful Halo series, was recently asked about the studio's upcoming Destiny. When asked whether or not the upcoming title may come to PC, Jones had this to say:

"We did a bunch of ambitious things on Halo deliberately to reach out to people. We limited players to two weapons, we gave them recharging health, we automatically saved and restored the game — almost heretical things to first-person shooters at the time. We made the game run without a mouse and keyboard. And now nobody plays shooters the way they used to play them before Halo 'cause nobody wants to." — Jason Jones, co-founder of Bungie

Now, some may say he's dodging the question here, but in a strange way, he may actually be hinting that a PC version of the game is not likely to hit anytime soon. The tangent he goes on, however, is also interesting to dissect. It's a pretty tall claim to say that Bungie laid the foundation of the entire modern FPS genre, but in some ways, Jones is right. Health packs and quicksaving are still features found in many First-Person Shooters, but autosaving and recharging health is found everywhere in the genre. Before the first Halo, these features were unheard of and most shooters where played on PCs, but Halo was also one of the first few games to popularize console-based shooters to their modern prevalence. Let's just hope Bungie's upcoming Destiny challenges convention in an equally spectacular way.