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Brace yourself, it's time to dig into some Pokémon rumors! This close to E3 there's bound to be a myriad of leaks, some fake and some real, and Pokémon is currently the hottest topic on the rumor mill. We know that Nintendo is planning to launch a new Pokémon game on Switch "in 2018 or beyond," but the reveal could be sooner than you think, and some key details may already have leaked.

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Last month Nintendo filed numerous trademarks for various intellectual properties including Mario Party, Paper Mario, Dr. Mario, and Punch-Out!!. Just a few weeks later, they're at it again. Another round of new Nintendo trademarks have just surfaced, less than one month before E3, including titles like Star Fox, F-Zero, and even Sin & Punishment.

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It's a big day for juicy rumors from the usually-silent Retro Studios. Earlier today a story surfaced suggesting that Retro is creating a Star Fox racing game for Nintendo Switch. Various websites like Eurogamer, Kotaku, and Game Informer have since stepped forward to say that they've heard similar things from their sources, but it doesn't stop there. According to these same sources, Retro has (or possibly had) another game in development, and it's not smooth sailing.

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Earlier today the Nintendo community was shaken by a rather juicy rumor. According to a series of alleged leaks (partially corroborated by Eurogamer's sources), Retro Studios is working on a Star Fox game. That by itself is intriguing, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The rumors go on to say that Retro's take on Star Fox will be a racing game with a hub world, adventure mode, and boss battles, much like Diddy Kong Racing. Is this really Retro's secret game? Time will tell. More importantly, do you want it to be?

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Last month Nintendo debuted a new product line called Nintendo Labo that allows fans to craft working Nintendo Switch peripherals from cardboard. With Labo, you can craft fishing poles, robot suits, musical instruments, and more. Jimmy Fallon has always been a big fan of Nintendo creativity, so he'll be showing off Labo on this evening's episode of The Tonight Show along with special guest Ariana Grande.

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Video games based on movies and other licensed media are often cheap, mediocre cash grabs, but every now and then a licensed game truly delivers. GoldenEye 007 serves as a shining example of these rare licensed gems, providing countless hours of entertainment to Nintendo fans in the late '90s. Pierce Brosnan's James Bond is the star of the once-popular shooter, but he wasn't always planned as the only playable Bond.

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Retro Studios has been diligently working on a secret project for at least four and a half years, and they've revealed virtually no hints or clues in all that time. With E3 just a month away, fans are hoping for a big reveal, but the cat may be out of the bag a bit early. A pretty wild and crazy rumor has been making the rounds lately, and Eurogamer has just stepped in to corroborate. If the rumblings are true, Retro Studios is making a Star Fox racing game.

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My Hero Academia fans have a lot to be excited about right now! Season 3 is in full swing, there's a movie in the works, and Bandai Namco is getting ready to release their video game adaptation. The upcoming fighter has a diverse roster of fifteen heroes and villains revealed so far with more to come. Japanese fans will be able to dive in soon, as Bandai has just revealed an August debut for the game.

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The NES Classic Edition was one of the hottest stocking stuffers of 2016, but Nintendo was woefully unprepared to keep up with demand. Nintendo discontinued the plug and play mini console after selling a couple million units, but they later promised to bring it back when the fans demanded it. It's been a long wait, but we finally have word on when this delightful collectible is coming back.

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Capcom is bringing the entire Mega Man X franchise to modern platforms this July in the Mega Man X Legacy Collection. This bundle (available as one package or split into two with four games each) is packed with extra content like concept art, music, and even a prequel anime. There's also a new "X Challenge Mode" that lets you fight two bosses at once. Capcom has just released some new footage of this mode, showing off the combo of Chill Penguin and Frost Walrus.

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Nintendo and Nickelodeon recently teamed up for a month of TMNT-themed Splatfests in Splatoon 2, pitting the titular turtles against each other to determine the ultimate hero in a half shell. Raph's fans triumphed over Leo's in the first event last weekend, and Mikey and Donnie fans just finished battling. The results are in, and the stage is set for the final competition!

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Switch owners have been enjoying Minecraft for a long time now, but they've been restricted to playing with other Switch players so far. That's all changing next month when Microsoft brings the Better Together update to Switch, allowing for cross-play with Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs, Android devices, iOS phones and tablets, and VR platforms.

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It's been three years since Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night debuted on Kickstarter. We've still got a bit to wait before we get our hands on this Castlevania spiritual successor, but developer Koji Igarashi is giving us something pretty sweet in the meantime. It's been so long you may have forgotten, but one of the Kickstarter stretch goals was for an 8-bit Bloodstained game, and it'll soon be available.

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If you enjoy playing your Nintendo Switch in tabletop mode, you've probably been frustrated at some point by the fact that the charging port is on the bottom of the console. Thankfully, Nintendo's finally introducing a solution to that problem. A new adjustable charging stand is on the way, making it possible to play in tabletop mode while charging with ease.

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The first three classic Crash adventures were recreated in HD last year as the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on PlayStation 4. After a window of exclusivity, the trilogy was announced for release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC as well. These ports were originally planned to launch on July 10th, but the wait just got a little shorter.

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