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Though I missed taking part in Overwatch's Halloween event, I was able to get a healthy (or maybe not) amount of time logged during the Winter Wonderland event last month. I had a ton of fun blasting my opponents with snowballs, so I've been anxiously awaiting word about when another special event would kick off. I and other Overwatch fans won't have to wait but a few more days, however, as Blizzard has teased the Year of the Rooster event celebrating the Chinese New Year.

We don't know exactly what Blizzard has in store for us, but they have provided a few teases. Head inside to find out more!

Valve president and co-founder Gabe Newell recently held an AMA session on Reddit, and you can guess what the main question on everyone's lips was: the status of the long-awaited next installment in the critically acclaimed Half-Life franchise.

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Modding communities certainly like to do weird things with video games. It has not even been one week since its announcement, and Super Mario Odyssey's reveal trailer has already been reasonably accurately recreated within the confines of Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. Okay, maybe accurate is the wrong word to use for what YouTuber CrowbCat has created, but it is definitely a pretty entertaining video to watch regardless of that fact.

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Elon Musk has long been considered to be a real life Tony Stark, being a billionaire who was created multiple successful businesses including SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Apparently the man is also an avid gamer, as, in a recent interview with Sam Altman, he professed his love for Overwatch and other games from Blizzard Entertainment. In addition to the praise for the multiplayer shooter, Musk and Altman discussed one modern gaming's biggest weaknesses: storytelling.

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Psyonix's 2015 hit Rocket League is still going strong, according to new stats released by their Twitter account. The game has now gained just over 25 million players and has held over one billion matches.

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Many an Overwatch player has been snagged by the seemingly dimension-jumping piece of metal that is Roadhog's hook from behind a wall or across a map, something which understandably frustrates his opponents. Blizzard has been working to rectify the hook's mechanics in the Public Test Realm (PTR), but it's proving more difficult than originally thought.

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We're only eleven days into 2017, but Yacht Club Games is bringing Shovel Knight fans around the world an early Christmas with a huge new update regarding the future of the game. Before you ask, there still isn't a firm release date on Specter of Torment. However, Yacht Club has detailed some pretty neat changes and additions that I believe makes up for not knowing.

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A Wii U emulator called Cemu for Windows PC now includes graphic packs that allow players to run games in 4K. The creators had trouble getting the Wii U games to re-render at a higher resolution than the Wii U supports, but now they have finally cracked it. Backers of the Cemu Patreon can access the graphic packs now, and they'll be available to the general public on January 16th.

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Gamers everywhere were thrilled when Square Enix revealed that Kingdom Hearts III had begun development, and they were positively ecstatic when Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced. It's been several years since both of those events, and 2016 came and went with hardly any news on either title's progress. Well, it's a new year now, and a new update has just popped up from the director of both titles, Tetsuya Nomura. If you were hoping for to see either of those games come out this year, however, you'll probably be disappointed.

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Overwatch has enjoyed a ton of success so far, and one of the ways it's done so is by having regular holiday-themed (or Olympics-themed) events, offering special rewards and loot to players who participate in the game during these time periods. If Blizzard keeps to the timetable they've been using, we'll be due for another one next month, and thanks to some new voice lines discovered in Overwatch, we have extra reason to believe that it will be themed for Valentine's Day.

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Toby Fox took gamers by storm when he released Undertale last year. Since then, he's posted many heartfelt Tweets concerning the game's popularity. Now, he's decided to share excerpts from an old notebook filled with tons of concept work for the game. This includes early character art and even early ideas for gameplay elements. It's interesting to see just how far the game has come. Take a look at the concept art after the jump!

A group of Korean students has developed a virtual reality rig that can be used to play Overwatch. The rig, which they have made a short video to show off, allows players to move about by leaning, carry a physical toy gun that can be reloaded, and even punch enemies by actually using their hands.

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Paying close attention to the Kill Feed (which clues you in to the last four players to be eliminated) is an important part of playing Overwatch competitively, and soon it will become an even bigger aid to players. Blizzard is constantly looking for ways to tweak and update Overwatch to make it a better overall experience, and they are currently testing out a new and more detailed Kill Feed on the Public Test Region. Hit the jump for the details!

Back in 2013, independent studio Tequila Works revealed Rime, a stylistic action-adventure game that drew inspiration from the work of Team Ico and Studio Ghibli. The game was originally planned to launch exclusively on PlayStation 4, but shortly after its initial reveal, Tequila Works grew silent about its development for some time, having run into some legal issues with Sony, Rime's publisher. These issues seem to have been resolved as, a few days ago, Tequila Works uploaded a new "re-reveal" trailer for Rime, announcing for the first time that the game will be launching on multiple platforms.

Back when Deus Ex: Mankind Divided launched last August, the loyal fans who had preordered the game were rewarded with a few bonuses. These included an extra mission in the campaign, several free consumables, and some additional skins for characters and weapons. Until now, these rewards were unavailable for anyone who hadn't preordered the game. However, a few days ago, Square Enix announced that it would be making these rewards available to everybody, free of charge.

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