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Have you been lustfully yearning for a quirky, boldly coloured, old fashioned point-and-click adventure game featuring an intrepid ghost detective as the protagonist? Yeah, neither have I. However, that isn't going to stop me from playing this game to death (pun definitely intended). Jack Haunt: Old Haunting Grounds is undoubtedly something to be interested in.

The game is simple. It's got your standard point-and-click adventure game mechanics, but with an exceptionally simple interface. You play as Jack Haunt, a private eye who just so happens to be dead. The puzzles are rather interesting and unique, which might be expected from a game with a protagonist as cute as this one. The game is very reminiscent of the early indie scene and the older point-and-click games. The game is currently only available for Windows, but Mac and Linux versions have been promised and are on the way.

Jack Haunt: Old Haunting Grounds is available here for only $5.

Rayman Legends was originally a launch-title exclusive for the Wii U. It's neither of those things now, as the game has been delayed and is going to go multiplatform. The announcement was made on Ubisoft's Facebook page many months ago, and little to no clarification was given on the reasons for delaying.

Yves Guillemot, CEO of the publisher, has finally spoken out on the subject, admitting the game was delayed in fear of lacking sales. Head past the jump to see what he said to VentureBeat in an interview.

In an interview with Eurogamer, EA Games Label boss Patrick Söderlund confirmed that there are currently no titles in development for the action-horror Dead Space franchise. However, he also states that the franchise isn't dead, just that the team is working on a different project right now:

"I wouldn't say it's [Dead Space franchise] cancelled at all. Dead Space remains a brand that is close to Electronic Arts' heart. It's been a great brand for us done by a very passionate team. Is that team working on a Dead Space game today? No they're not. They're working on something else very exciting. You have to think of it from that perspective. Is it better to put them on the fourth version of a game they've done three previous versions of before? Or is it better to put them on something new that they want to build, that they have passion for?" -- Patrick Söderlund

I'm sure that's both a relief for some and a downer for others, so let's hear it! What do you think of EA's decision to put the Dead Space franchise on hold?

While not a new game, Super Stone Ball is a fantastic one. Released in late May, the game was developed by John D. Moore (a.k.a. thesychophant), creator of the amazing freeware game Caverns of Krohn. Its excellent combination of cleverness and charm piqued my interest recently, and thus, I decided to share this gem with the public. The game is small in both length and screen resolution, but it's just big enough to explore the main game mechanic: turning to stone.

In each of the eight levels, you're given a limited amount of balls to get to the exit. The controls are very simple. You control one of the balls at once, and you roll back and forth with the left and right arrow keys. Pressing X will turn your current ball to stone, and pressing Z will make your ball jump. If you happen to get stuck or put yourself into an inescapable situation, you can simply push R to restart the level. The levels are laid out in a way that the exit is always far too distant for your mildly-pathetic jump to reach, and as such, you must turn the balls to stone in mid-air to use as a platform to reach higher and farther away areas. It's a simple concept, and Super Stone Ball is a great way to waste a half an hour here and there.

Super Stone Ball is available for Windows via GameJolt.

Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin has confirmed that he can't confirm whether or not Call Of Duty: Ghosts is coming to Wii U. I mean that literally. He actually says he doesn't even have the information:

"You know that's funny, because I don't even know the answer to that. I swear to God, I don't. I was trying to say in the interview [that] I really don't know and I'm not supposed to talk about it. I'm not supposed to talk about the fact that I don't know." -- Mark Rubin

He does, however, state that the game could run on Wii U, so head past the jump to hear specifically what he had to say on that matter.

Especially after the announcement that Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag would be releasing only one year after Assassins Creed III, many believed that Ubisoft's blockbuster Assassin's Creed franchise had become another one of the triple-A series with annual releases. According to Kotaku, that will in fact be the case from here on out. But, in contrast to many of the fears that go along with annual releases, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot ensures fans that each new Assassin's Creed title will bring something new to the table, as he is making sure the teams working on the different titles have enough time to truly complete them:

"We are making sure the teams who are creating the different iterations have enough time—two years, three years, so that they can take risk and they can change the concept enough so that it can be appealing and fresh." -- Yves Guillemot

It was also stated by Guillemot that Ubisoft had as many as three Assassin's Creed titles in development right now including Black Flag.

Head past the jump if you want to hear more about Ubisoft's plan to handle the development of so many large titles at once.

Angvik is an action-platformer game in which you take up your father's gear and set out on a quest to save a castle from a terrible barbarian. Along the way you can use a variety of items (and birds) to aid you in your journey.

The game's art and environment are amazing, but don't let that fool you. The game is far from easy. Every single time you die (and you will die, a lot) you have to restart the game by choosing a new character. The amazingly cool items in the game encourage multiple complete playthroughs to get the full experience. Oh yeah, every item also breaks after a certain number of hits/uses.

Angvik is released for Windows and can be purchased via the Humble Store for a measly $5. The game was made by Alastair John Jack, known for Arvoesine, a difficult game he made in 2010 which is now free for download. If you play Angvik and enjoy it, please consider supporting the game on Steam Greenlight.

Angvik is available for purchase via the Humble Store for $5.

DuckTales Remastered was announced at PAX East back in March, developed by the up-and-coming superstar development team at WayForward Technologies. Based on the classic NES hit DuckTales, which was inspired by the hit cartoon of the same name, DuckTales Remastered leaps to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC later this year, and after playing the demo shown at E3, I can say with certainty that DuckTales Remastered is going to be spectacular.

Starting in "The Amazon," I saw the brilliance of DuckTales Remastered shining brightly within the first thirty seconds of my experience. Rather than simply placing Scrooge McDuck, the game's protagonist, at the beginning of levels, DuckTales Remastered shows Launchpad McQuack dropping Scrooge off in various levels and explaining how it relates to his quest, which does well to make the game a little more cohesive. Did I mention that several cast members of the show reprise their roles for the game's voices? Most notably, Alan Young returns as Scrooge McDuck, which really adds an authentic DuckTales flair to the reimagined title.

Head past the jump to keep reading more about this fantastic DuckTales remake!

Well, well, well... the amazing cult-classic stealth series Thief is getting a reboot, and by the well-respected Eidos Montreal nonetheless. I can't say I've been a long term fan of the series or anything, but during Summer 2012 I did fall in love with Thief II: The Metal Age. I also got into Thief Gold, the remake of the franchise's first entry, for a little while, but I couldn't stomach the little bit I played of series' third title, Thief: Deadly Shadows. As a lot of you reading this, especially my fellow staffers, probably know, some game play footage was finally shown for the Thief reboot during E3 yesterday. I watched IGN's recording of it, and I'm here to give you the impressions of a relatively new Thief fan on Eidos Montreal's interpretation of this revolutionary stealth series.

Let's just get this out of the way first, I was not impressed with what I saw. Does that mean I think the new Thief will suck? Well, no; it's a bit more complicated than that. I don't think there's any legitimate reason this Thief reboot shouldn't be better that or at least equal to Thief II: The Metal Age in terms of fundamental structure. Sure, it might be asking too much for Eidos Montreal to best its elder in terms of level design -- I mean, come on, Thief II has some of the absolute best level design to ever grace a gaming platform. But, in the realm of purely basic mechanics, Thief has all the tools to work with that The Metal Age did, and over a decade's worth of new tools to boot. And yet, that's the vibe I'm getting. Eidos Montreal's Thief seems to only be behind Looking Glass Studios' Thief II on the fundamental level. Do you see where I'm going with this? Well, either way, head past the jump to see the rest of what I have to say.

Bethesda has confirmed that The Evil Within will be receiving releases on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In the past, it had already been announced that the game would be coming to PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360.

The Evil Within is a survival horror title being developed by Tango Gameworks, the studio formed by the founder of the Resident Evil franchise Shinji Mikami, and published by Bethesda. Mikami has stated that he hopes for The Evil Within to be a true survival horror titles, inspiring fear that very few games have in the past few years.

With this announcement also came a few new screenshots, so check past the jump to see those!

Mirror's Edge 2, the sequel to the cult-classic Mirror's Edge, was unveiled two days ago during EA's E3 2013 press conference, and now EA's Frank Gibeau has dropped another interesting bit of news regarding this long-awaited sequel. It appears that your free-running in this new title will be even more free than it was in its predecessor, as Gibeau has stated that Mirror's Edge 2 will be an "open-world action adventure game."

As stated at the end of the game's trailer, Mirror's Edge 2 will be releasing "When it's ready," so your guess on a launch date is as good as mine.

Mirror's Edge fans, do you think an open world environment will enhance the series' free running experience?

Our Managing Editor Colin McIsaac has been to the show floor of E3 and played some games! Now he's bringing the show to you! Welcome to a live Q&A Vokle session concerning E3 2013. Feel free to ask questions concerning Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo! You could even do all three!

If this version is not working, please join us right here. Well go ahead! Start asking right now! It's a party!

UPDATE: Thank you all for joining! The session is now closed, but check back soon for a recording of the conversation.

Eidos-Montréal recently announced that they will be bringing their newest installment in the Deus Ex series, Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director's Cut, to more than just the Wii U. According to the press release, this is what the fans wanted.

Hit the jump to see more from the press release.

Fear Less: Escape the Nightmare is a brand new pixel art infinite-runner game, and it's a beautiful one. After I was finished being amazed by the gorgeous colour palette and the stunning art, I dove into this game expecting another bland, run-of-the-mill runner game. What I got, however, was amazing. The term 'infinite runner' is kind of an unfitting description, as there is an end, but you'll have to master the controls and buy all of the upgrades to get there. The controls are fairly simple; Z to jump and X to use your sword. The mechanics will take a few runs to get used to, but as they become more familiar to you, they'll become close to second nature.

In Fear Less, you play as an adorable young girl who has recurring nightmares taking place in a forest. In these nightmares, Death chases her through said forest and all of its cute, yet dangerous inhabitants take their swipes at you. At the end of each nightmare (during which you have to avoid many obstacles, including the forest animals, mushrooms, gravestones, jets of flame, and flying skulls), Death catches up to you and impales you on his scythe. During your nightmares you can collect coins to use to upgrade yourself in between the nightmares. One of the major mechanics is your sword. As you approach an enemy, a sword meter will appear. A slider will go back and forth across it and if you hit X while the slider is over the red zone, you've successfully attacked the enemy, the animation for which will play when you pass by your foe.

Fear Less is available for play in your browser.

Well, that's all folks! Day 1 of Gamnesia's E3 2013 coverage has come to a close with the conclusion of Sony's presser. The staff is now working hard to improve the many posts made today; pictures and trailers are being updated, and additional content is being added by the minute.

Day 1 featured four major press conferences, all with a combined abundance of news. Overwhelmed by the backlog of news here at Gamnesia? Fear not, for within this article you can find the headlines and links to every news post from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony's press conferences.

Ready to catch up on your E3 news? Follow me after the jump!