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Earlier today, a user on NeoGAF dropped this bit of interesting news related to the highly anticipated Watch Dogs, from publisher and developer, Ubisoft. As has become common practice among triple A titles in recent years, Watch Dogs will have a special edition with some additional content, namely an extra single player mission and the ability to attain the "Vehicle expert perk".

Here is the translated description for what the special edition will feature:

The Special Edition includes an additional single-player mission, namely the Breakthrough Mission Pack:

There is secret meeting going on. The Chicago Club does power negotiations with CEOs of large companies. The club has hired scramblers to block. Monitoring devices Race through the city to find the scramblers and take them out. Grab all the names of those attending the meeting and upload their photographs for the rest of the world.

After completing the mission you get the Vehicle Expert perk: Get free vehicles through your Underground Car Contact and get discounts on exclusive cars.

While I can't confirm at this time what form this special edition will take, a first run or pre-order bonus or an alternate version of the game sold with a higher price point, a perk and a singular mission seems a bit small for a fully standalone special edition. As such, if I had to guess, I'd say that this will be a pre-order bonus in some way, shape, or form.

Well, this is news to me. Apparently, several of IGN's sources have confirmed that the next planned Scribblenauts game was going to center around DC characters. A handful of the characters (such as the erotic nightmare-inducing Harley Quinn) were set to appear, and the missions were mostly your standard Scribblenauts fare adjusted to fit the world of Supers. For example, using X-Ray vision to determine which of two guards was actually Clayface in disguise.

There were also some more linear, detailed missions planned. One that impressed me quite a bit was a mission based around sneaking into Wayne Manor with Robin's help, to rescue Batgirl from a Joker-controlled Batman. It seems like a whole new batch of opportunities are  brought into the Scribble-world when Supers get involved. 

Though 5th Cell has been developing the game for a good amount of time now, they appear to be giving it an overhaul. This means that any of the leaked details are subject to change. Hopefully, the title stays. I'm quite fond of the name Scribblenauts: Unmasked. Luckily, we're supposed to receive a good load of information at this year's E3; I can't wait!

Resident Evil: Revelations is one of the Nintendo 3DS' most critically acclaimed titles, and now that it's coming to home consoles like PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U, it's bound to be even better. Boasting 5.1 surround sound, completely rebuilt HD visuals, and Off-TV play on Wii U, the home console version of Resident Evil: Revelations is more than just your average port.

While this title sounds amazing already, you can experience it first-hand before you decide to purchase the full version when it comes out on May 21st in North America — or May 24th, for our European friends. Capcom has just confirmed that every one of the four home consoles getting a full version of Resident Evil: Revelations will also be getting a demo of the game. There's no word yet on when the demo will be released, but keep an eye out between now and Revelations' launch day if you'd like to try before you buy.

Way back at E3 2012, Nintendo promised the new Nintendo social network Miiverse would be coming to computers and mobile devices after the launch of the Wii U. We haven't received any news on the matter until today. Nintendo has opened up Miiverse to be accessible on your browser right now.

Miiverse can be found right here. Come on click the word "here!" You know you want to see it!

Nintendo clearly states that the browser version of Miiverse is currently in beta, and many features are noticeably missing. For example, you cannot post anything in communities on Miiverse or update your profile. However, a user can reply and comment on any post, even his or her own!

Bad news for non-Wii U owners, but one is required to have a Nintendo Network username and password to access Miiverse on the web.

Let's hope the 3DS version of Miiverse comes in soon. I can't wait to take this fantastic network on the go.

Go look around on the fancy new Miiverse site right now!

Batman: Arkham Origins, the third entry in the well received Arkham series, will have multiplayer. The title will be released at October 25th, and will introduce us to the Dark Knight in the early years of his crime fighting career. It will be the first in the series to have multiplayer, and if the source is correct, you will play as a member of Joker or Bane's gang trying to take Batman and Robin out.

More after the jump.

I am a big startegy game fan, and as such Total War is actually one of my favorite series on the PC. The last two games I haven't particularly enjoyed as much as usual, but I think some of the luster was lost and the games felt a bit lazy. That seems to be turning around in Rome: Total War II, a sequel to one of their most successful entries in the series.

The game arrives later this year, and it's notable this is Pre-Alpha footage. Are there any other strategy fans out there looking forward to commanding some Legions this year?

Grand Theft Auto V was announced by Rockstar and Take-Two over a year ago, and the game has built up quite the buzz. Another entry in a stellar series is always good, but GTA games are very spread out and Rockstar takes their sweet, sweet time with each main entry in the series. Grand Theft Auto V is a force to be reckoned with, and a game to be excited for. However, the game was only announced for the PS3 and Xbox 360, locking Wii U and PC owners out of the party, while also making potential next-gen consumers reconsider their decision of purchasing the game or another console, due to a lack of backward compatibility. Take-Two initially stuck to their decision of sticking to the two HD consoles, but they may have reconsidered according to this new rumor.

Rockstar is holding an investor meeting on May 16th, and gossip is flying around the internet saying the company might unveil ports for the Wii U, PC, PS4, and/or Microsoft's next console. InEntertainment claims we'll see many ports for the game on other systems, but they will not share the release date with the PS3/360 version of the game, as resources will need to focus on those versions after the release.

I don't buy into this rumor. Take-Two's president has shot down any rumors that GTA V would be going anywhere other than the PS3/360, but you never know. I would love to see GTA V come to Wii U or PC. Please deliver Take-Two.

What do you think? Do you buy the rumors? Sound off in the comments.

Sunbreak Games is a small studio recently formed by Jason Behr, head level designer of the Metroid Prime series. Their first game, Buddy & Me, was funded several hours ago via Kickstarter and is planned to be released on select tablet devices this June. Buddy & Me is an infinite runner that will be setting itself apart with beautiful visuals and a companion that I can only guess was at least partially inspired by The Last Guardian

However, what's most noteworthy about this game is that even though it failed to reach its Wii U port stretch goal, Nintendo's ever-relaxing indie strategy may end up bringing this game to the Wii U anyway.

Shinji Mikami’s, founder of the Resident Evil series, studio Tango Gameworks has unveiled an all new survival horror game titled 'The Evil Within'. Tango Gameworks is under control of Bethesda, who has formed a habit of producing against the grain AAA experiences that many experts keep saying that consumers no longer want (Single player only experiences, games that don't push the boundaries of graphical fidelity, new IP's, etc). Of course, we all know almost every game they release is not only a great experience, it sells well, and in the case of some games it sells 10's of millions.

What's nice about this new game is that it doesn't appear to feature anything resembling a Zombie, which is refreshing for survival horror fans. That sad part is we don't see any gameplay in the above trailer. I'm always of mind that yes, Live Action trailers work well for things like commercials, but when you debut a game we actually want to see... the game. Otherwise, what's the point?

Currently, The Evil Within is slated for release on PS3, 360, PC, and next generation consoles in 2014. Nintendo fans may want to cross their fingers for some Wii U support. Bethesda hasn't completely written off the possibility of Wii U games... yet. FYI, we hope you're not watching this trailer before eating lunch today. It can be stomach turning for some... but then again, that's what survival horror is all about.

Well, this is unexpected. Out of nowhere, Capcom has released a trailer for a new MMORPG based on their hit franchise, Monster Hunter. Right now, it's slated to release only in China in June, and only on the PC. Clearly, this means they're using China as the test market. Hopefully it isn't too long before they bring it elsewhere; I'm curious to see how the already MMO-esque franchise grows in a full online environment. With Monster Hunter's recent fanbase growth in the US, maybe it's the right time to push the series further. I'm hoping it doesn't remain PC-only, but with these gorgeous graphics (Running on CryEngine 3) it might be hard to get it to function on consoles.

Many a Nintendo fan has run around over the years, especially during the Wii era, proudly saying graphics aren't everything. Most don't deny that stylized realism in graphical fidelity is indeed nice to look at depending on the game, but many games we have seen over the last handful of years seemed to expect to sell simply because of how the game "looked". This is despite the fact that while choosing a specific graphical style may indeed equal more sales, how pretty that style looks doesn't necessarily mean the game is going to sell.

Some call this the Call of Duty effect - where every game is trying to be the biggest game out there, but that title already exists, and it's foolish to think your title is going to be "that" title. Yes, Call of Duty is generally well made, but it's budget is also extremely modest. Yes, it costs less to make Call of Duty: Black Ops II than it did Tomb Raider, and let me ask you: Which game sold infinitely better? If high budgets meant high sales, we would see that. Expect it doesn't, Conversely, High Review Scores on Metacritic also don't equal high sales (Psychonauts, anyone?). Heck, Epic Mickey got rather "meh" scores, but it sold pretty well... well enough to get a rather piss poor sequel. More inside.

Castle Of Illusions Re-Make Castle of Illusion, a classic Sega Genesis hit, has officially been confirmed to be re-made in HD for a new generation of gamers on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, all through digital download. Available this summer, this confirmation is exciting news for those who were around to enjoy this classic gem the first time and for new gamers alike. This re-make was teased last week and is said to be a re-imagining of the game, with the new team from Sega working closely with the game's original director, who now works at Disney Interactive.  To find out more, follow the jump!

Both of these terms are important aspects to many video games, and have been almost since the dawn of gaming itself. Violence, in one way or another, is ever present in most of the games we play. Be it Mario stomping out Goombas, Link attacking well... anything, or killing virtual people in games like Call of Duty: Violence is an ever present part of the video game culture that we all enjoy on various levels.

Another intricate and ever more present aspect is story. It drives players to want to complete certain tasks, it gives motivation, and more importantly it can touch us on a personal level in a way that sometimes can't be conveyed in a movie.

Neither one of these aspects is required to create a compelling experience – as an example, something as simple as Minecraft is technically a video game and it doesn't rely on violence or story in order to create a fantastic product.

Morals, it's that funny aspect of life that helps guide several decisions we make. As an example, you may hate someone to the point that you would actually think your life would improve if they were dead. However, you are unlikely to go about killing that person because morally you just know it's not the right thing to do. In essence, Morality is the simple decision and aspect of life that helps you decide what is right and what is wrong. It's a rather simple concept, but it's extremely complex since everyone's moral values are different.

Enter Call of Duty and Battlefield, two highly successful selling game franchises that promote realistic weapons - down to the point that the companies that make the weapons actually get to oversee their depiction in the games themselves and get paid for the usage of the information for the weapon itself (including the name of the weapon). In that of itself, it's not a moral quandary to buy these games if you are necessarily against violence with guns in general and that isn't the point made in the above video. Rather, could it become a one that you may have not considered if you do actually oppose not only the use of guns, but the ownership of them?

Marcus Beer is one of my favorite talking heads in the industry, because he just tells it like it is. He doesn't hold back, and in many respects reminds me of an angrier version of Adam Sessler (who has notably opened up a lot more since getting out of the television industry). That being said, he makes some interesting points. For starters, BioShock Infinite's controls on the PC indeed appears to have some issues.  Now, the combat in general could certainly use some advancing.

It's notable he isn't complaining about the violence like so many have, but rather, that the combat itself needs more variety. Setting all that aside, he goes into some of the talk behind EA, Adam Orth, and other such folks saying things publicly that they really shouldn't be. Thoughts inside.