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Remember the Uncharted film planned back in 2007? The movie was going to be directed by David O. Russell and star Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake. The script was radically different from the video games, with Robert De Niro cast as Drake's father and Joe Peschi as his uncle. The movie came close to filming in 2011 before Russell left the project due to creative differences with Sony. Of course, an Uncharted movie is still a possibility. But who could write the script adapting one of gaming's biggest franchises?

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg can. The pair have scripted many films before, such as Pineapple Express and Superbad. They recently made their directorial debut with This is the End, a movie that I highly recommend. Naughty Dog has approached the pair several times to convince them to draft the Uncharted script. What's been the response?

"It's just going to be Indiana Jones. If we could figure out a way to make it not Indiana Jones, it'd be awesome." — Evan Goldberg

It seems the pair want to give the franchise the treatment it deserves instead of a simple Indiana Jones clone. Could they be a good fit for the movie? Would Jonah Hill make a great Nathan Drake? How about Danny McBride as Sully? Sound off in the comments.

Sucker Punch made a name for themselves during the PlayStation 2 era, creating the well-known and well-loved Sly Cooper franchise. After creating a trilogy telling Sly and Co.'s adventures, the developer moved on to the inFamous series for the PlayStation 3. An HD collection of the original Sly Cooper games was released, and Sanzaru Games created a fourth entry, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Yet, though Sly Cooper lives on, we have to wonder: why did Sucker Punch leave Sly and the gang behind?

"When you're finishing a series a lot of times you kind of have this sense of 'I want to get it done so I can get to something new.' But I don't think we really had that in that case. I think we really loved that IP so much that it was a little maybe bitter-sweet for us... We knew that we were going to do Sly 3, and then we were going to do a new IP.

"I think that we saw the sizes of teams continuing to grow year over year. As a one-team shop you feel increasingly exposed. You feel the weight of the 100 families that depend on us being a business.... Central to that, and going back to our core values, wasn't that we felt like this was the moment we could cash out at all, but was the chance to stay working with the people that gave us the best chance to make great games." - Brian Fleming, Co-founder of Sucker Punch

This was stated in an interview between Sucker Punch developers and Game Informer. Check it out here.

I love Sly Cooper and I love Sucker Punch. I want to see the IP move on, but it seems Sucker Punch is walking away from the franchise for a while. However, with Thieves in Time being fantastic, I can trust other developers with the series.

You may have heard of Skylanders. Every damn kid on the face of the earth wants the game and loves it. And, honestly, what's a child not to love? Toys come to life in a video game. That's a pretty cool idea. Activision Blizzard has capitalized on the franchise, turning Skylanders into a blockbuster hit. However, new games are on the way trying to replicate the success. Disney Infinity also scans plastic figures into a virtual world, but with iconic Disney characters. Should Activision be worried? Could Skylanders be beaten at its own game?

"Skylanders seems to represent an area of the industry that's seeing less representation these days. Other than some Nintendo games and Disney's Infinity, the kids market isn't getting a lot of attention. There aren't as many games being created for that demographic. Do you think that's something that helps Skylanders stand out?

It's funny the way you articulated the question, because you just described all the reasons why people used to say we shouldn't get into the kids market. It literally used to be 'people are getting out of the kids market, and the Wii is faltering, so why are you guys getting into the kids market?' when I would defend our decision to make Skylanders. Now you are reversing it and saying it's an unfair advantage. I think Skylanders is successful not because it is a kids game without a lot of competition, because to your point, a lot of kids games - no matter how thin the competition - haven't succeeded of late. Skylanders is successful because it's a really magical idea and it's brilliantly executed. We have created a really compelling new genre that brings toys and games together, and a new play pattern for kids that brings interactive play and analog play together in a really fresh way. The games continue to innovate and... we are going to have to deliver really compelling ideas each and every year."

This quote comes from an interview between GamesIndustry and Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Blizzard. I agree with Hirshberg. Skylanders has grown into something special and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. With Skylanders Swap Force launching this autumn, the franchise's fire will burn on for a while.

What do you think about Skylanders? Dumb? Genius? Sound off in the comments.

You may know Conan O'Brien. The famous late night talk show host has been well known for his Clueless Gamer reviews, in which he plays upcoming video games with no guidance or previous knowledge. In other words, he has no idea what he's doing.

Conan went to the Electronic Entertainment Expo. As good as a job I like to think the Gamnesia staff did covering E3, Conan beats every news site out there. Watch Mr. O'Brien take on the PlayStation 4, Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, and Mario Kart 8. We even get to see him and a Bayonetta cosplayer, and watch a winner be declared.

Watch the hilarious video after the jump!

Sony Worldwide Studio President, Shuhei Yoshida, confirmed that the PS Vita’s remote play will work via the internet at home or on a hotspot.

In a tweet answering a fan’s question, Yoshida wrote that while a good internet connection will be a key factor, the PS Vita will have the capability to wirelessly stream PS4 games off of the home console.

Sony is making another play to give their customers choices in the upcoming PlayStation 4 era. Many gamers (or at least very vocal ones) still prefer physical copies of games to digital ones, and Sony respects that. In a recent interview with GamesIndustry, Sony's senior vice president, Guy Longworth, talked about the upcoming system in comparison to the Xbox One, the price of the PlayStation Vita, and how discs stand on the PlayStation 4's agenda. He starts by saying that each new generation features consoles that are more similar to each other than the previous set and believes that games are becoming more important to deciding which system sells the best. After all, with both systems offering similar experiences outside of gaming, what's left to improve on?

Guy goes on to talk about price points, particularly for the PlayStation Vita. Speaking for Sony, he believes that $250 is the "right price" for the handheld, despite the Nintendo 3DS having trouble at that price in 2011, and won't comment on a possible price drop. Finally, Longworth talks about the physical games that people still want to be able to buy. In another decision similar to the ones that made people cheer Sony at E3 2013, Sony will be continuing physical support as long as people want them to, while also expanding their digital library, because it's one of their principles to give their customers choices. What do you think of these decisions? Sound off in the comments.

Ready at Dawn’s co-founder, Ru Weerasuriya, has stated that The Order: 1886 will be a third person action game with shooting mechanics, and explains more in an article from

One of the big standout titles of E3 was The Order: 1886, what with its decades old England time set and steam punk weaponry, as well as the unseen creatures that plagued the streets of London, which made the use of filth and grime look so beautiful. Little else has been shown or said about what kind of game this next gen title was planned to be, until now.

In an interview with SCEE Blog Manager, Fred Dutton, Weerasuriya said that the game would follow a linear story, which he referred to as a filmic experience. He didn’t go into detail about the game play other than to say that it would hold shooter mechanics. We can only hope this means that 1886 won’t be the typical shooter everyone dreads so much.

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Knack was one of the first titles announced for PlayStation 4 back at its original reveal. The game is both a platformer and an action title, which puts players in the shoes of a robot who can absorb tons of different materials to grow in size. As it is a platformer, Knack is sort of being seen as PlayStation 4's Crash Bandicoot or Jax & Daxter equivalent. Sony's Mark Cerny is one of the primary names attached to the title, and in an interview with PlayStation.Blog, Cerny gave a couple of new details regarding Knack. He says that, though you wouldn't guess from the trailers and demos, Knack's story actually plays a large role in the game, a game which Cerny also says will take players approximately ten hours to beat:

"It’s not apparent from the E3 demo, but it is a very story driven adventure. The first time through should take about ten hours, and then we have included a lot of features that make it interesting to play again." -- Mark Cerny

However, for those of you worried that the game will be lacking in substance, Cerny also makes sure to mention that the game will be filled with extra content and secret rooms so collectors can search up and down the game's world to their heart's content.

Knack is scheduled for release later this year as a PlayStation 4 launch title.

One of the major gripes gamers had about the Xbox One was the need to have the Kinect, which would be included with the console, always be turned on. Although Microsoft may have changed their minds about some of their policies, it seems that Sony chose to take a completely different direction.

According to Scott Lowe of IGN, Sony opted to remove the PlayStation 4 camera from the console box in order to cut costs.

To read more about this interesting choice, hit the jump.

The Last of Us has been under fire recently with actress Ellen Page announcing her disappointment last week over the similarities between her and the main character Ellie, but now Naughty Dog is also facing claims from a different source.

Cameron Booth, who created and posted a redesigned "Boston MBTA Map" last year on his blog, claims that his map, which can be found in The Last of Us, was used without his permission or knowledge. Booth stated:

"For a software developer - especially a big developer working on a blockbuster title like this - to casually appropriate someone else's work and incorporate it into their game without any discussion with the owner of that work is completely unacceptable. (Not to mention hugely ironic, as the software industry is always complaining about piracy of their work)."

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Developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts, Battlefield 4 is the upcoming next-generation and current-generation entry in the Battlefield series. The first-person shooter comes out for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on October 29th in North America, November 1st in Europe, and Halloween in Australia.

Battlefield 4 runs on the Frostbite 3 engine, an impressive advanced technology that will be the foundation of dozens of games over the next generation. The Battlefield YouTube channel has uploaded a video showcasing the engine to the world. We get to see the weather effects working in conjunction, with waves and wind corresponding accordingly.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order is the heir to the throne of one of the oldest first person shooter franchises in all of gaming, but it's been past its prime for quite some time. Even so, something about it and its developer, Machine Games, makes Bethesda see a lot of potential in the project. In an interview with IGN, Bethesda's Pete Hines gave some insight into just why that is:

“Ultimately, part of it is just the intent and the notion that Machine Games has. We think what this represented, and what it still represents, is cool. We think there’s a better way to do it for this audience. We’re not doing Wolfenstein because we think, ‘oh, everybody thinks of Wolfenstein when they think first-person shooters.’ We’re not that naive. But we do think there’s something to this world.” -- Pete Hines

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With a heavy focus on the PlayStation 4 at E3, many have been wondering about the fate of the underperforming PS Vita. Sony's Fergal Gara has explained the future of the company's handheld is remote play. The vast majority of PS4 titles will be easily accessible on the Vita.

"In short, there’s a video coder chip inside PS4 that enables a variety of features. It enables live broadcast of your gameplay without putting any overhead on the CPU and the GPU combo, so it’s not dragging down the game performance in any way, shape or form. But it also allows you – and it is Gaikai enabled technology – allows you to pick up the Vita and go away with a full suite of controls and play your PS4 game over WiFi... Clearly it more seamlessly integrates with PS4 than it does with PS3. PS Vita was a PS3 in your pocket. [There's] a certain amount of truth in that, [but it was more down to] the graphical resolution and the power of the experience. Certainly for the foreseeable [future] we intend to continue developing – our publishing partners will continue to develop – Vita experiences that are standalone." - Fergal Gara, Head of Sony Computer Entertainment UK

Could we see a level of interaction between the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita unseen before in the gaming industry? If the Vita is like a PS4 in my pocket, can I trade in my handheld for the new console? I'm kidding! I'm kidding!

What do you think? Do you buy into Gara's claims? Sound off in the comments.

The long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III was revealed at Sony's E3 press conference this year. No release window was given during the announcement trailer, so the game is likely in the early stages of development. With the current state of the project, the game could go in many different directions. One of those ideas is online multiplayer.

According to Japanese publication Famitsu magazine, the development team of the title is "looking into" online features. Could that mean co-op, competitive multiplayer, a mode that lets save files interact with one another? With a new generation comes new development methods, and online multiplayer may be one of those new gameplay mechanics.

Do you want online multiplayer in your Kingdom Hearts? Sound off in the comments.

inFamous: Second Son is one of the PlayStation 4's flagship titles. The Sucker Punch sequel looks beautiful, showing off the power of the PS4. With an expansive open world and impressive character models, Second Son looks absolutely incredible.

New screenshots of the game have been released, and they are drop-dead gorgeous. I didn't think graphics could improve radically from this generation to the next. Boy, was I wrong.

Check out all five screens in a nifty slideshow after the jump!

inFamous: Second Son releases on the PlayStation 4 in 2014.