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Latest PlayStation 4 Updates

Knack is one of the most original titles showcased at Sony's PlayStation meeting tonight and one of the more interesting concepts we've seen in quite a while. Knack features a little robot aiding a human army against alien invaders. Knack himself seems to be made out of some sort of stone and can grow and shrink his body with more material present. You can catch the full trailer here. It's going to be exciting to see how the release of this game plays out — I know it's on my watch list.

At tonight's PlayStation meeting, we received news of a new racing game called Drive Club, which focuses on highly detailed models, team-based gameplay, and smartphone integration. You can click here for more information or check out the full trailer for the stunning game above.

At tonight's PlayStation meeting, we saw several game trailers alongside the reveal of Sony's PlayStation 4. One such game trailer is for Killzone: Shadow Fall. First we see a cinematic of the futuristic city in which the game takes place, and then we have a hefty load of gameplay. You can check out the gorgeous trailer above and let us know what you think in the comments.

At the end of the PlayStation 4 meeting, after a quick video recap of all the announced games, Sony revealed that the PlayStation 4 will be available "Holiday 2013." When, exactly, this means is unclear, but at least we vaguely know it should be available in time for Santa to wrap a nice one up and tuck it under the tree, menorah, festivus pole, or other holiday symbol of choice. It's not exactly a surprise, but it's nice to have confirmation that the PlayStation 4 will be available by the end of this year. As we get closer to the holiday season, we'll naturally hear more exact details, so stay tuned!

Blizzard Entertainment has historically been very close with the PC gaming market, but tonight, Blizzard and Sony have come together to announce a partnership through which they will "take over the world." Not only is Diablo III coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, but Blizzard will likely continue this partnership in the future. Having Blizzard's titles on only their consoles is going to be a huge boon to Sony's stance in the console wars, assuming the partnership is exclusive to Sony and PCs, as implied. I wonder how this could play out.

At tonight's PlayStation meeting, Square Enix revealed that they are working on a Final Fantasy title for PlayStation 4. Whether it's a remake, spin-off, or a completely new game is not yet announced, but let's hope that they can bring us a high-quality Final Fantasy experience like they did in the good old days. More information will be revealed at E3, so be patient, everybody.

Square Enix has been closely tied with Sony and the PlayStation brand since Final Fantasy VII was released sixteen years ago for Sony's first console. Tonight, Yoshihisa Hashimoto, CTO of Square Enix, has come to the stage to discuss their support of the upcoming PlayStation 4. They reveal a trailer running in real time, beginning in a desert with terrain and garb that looks almost biblical if not for the vans and electrical shocks. The same trailer was shown last year as a PC tech demo, but now we see it running just the same on PlayStation 4. It's unclear yet whether or not this is a new game or merely a tech demo of Square's new engine, but it looks exciting. Did you catch the trailer in the stream? What did you think?

inFamous is one of the most popular new IPs from the last console generation, and at tonight's PlayStation event, Sucker Punch Productions announced a follow-up title to the original inFamous series, called inFamous: Second Son. Second Son features a new hero with the ability to control fire, much like Cole McGrath's ability to control lightning. It is a safe assumption to think Second Son will feature a moral development system much like the original good and evil concept of inFamous. More details will certainly follow in the coming weeks.

At tonight's PlayStation meeting, Sony revealed Drive Club, a game that has existed as a concept for over ten years. Drive Club is your traditional racing game, focused on the best cars in the best locations, but Drive Club also puts an emphasis on team-based play. The exact details of this focus are not yet clear, but they surely will be soon enough.

Drive Club will feature access from other devices such as smartphones, so you can access your account and clubhouse from anywhere in the world. They make a big deal about the extreme detail of the graphics, which unfortunately will go largely unnoticed for their extreme development cost. They then talk up the experience, such as "breathing." Sounds like a lot of hyperbole for what seems to be a pretty generic game, but I'm willing to bet Drive Club will pleasantly surprise us all.

Off-TV play has been gracing Wii U owners for quite some time now, and Sony has decided that it's a wonderful feature. That's no attack on them, it really is a wonderful feature. Gamers who own a PS Vita and a PlayStation 4 will be able to connect the two devices and play console games on a portable screen, very much like the Wii U and its GamePad offer. Unfortunately, gamers who want this option are going to have to cough up the money for two consoles instead of the one they need for Wii U. Will you get a Vita just for "remote play," or is this feature not worth the extra cash to you?

Sony has set out to create a well-connected PlayStation Network for the upcoming PlayStation 4. The new PlayStation Network is integrated with Facebook and Ustream so that everything you do is connected to all of your friends. I love PlayStation Network, but seeing "X Friend earned a trophy in [game]!" on Facebook has never made me feel better about my friends nor Sony, so seeing them actively work to integrate the services even further is not particularly exciting. In fact, I'm a little bit disappointed that Sony thinks this is the way to achieve market dominance. What do you think?

At the PlayStation meeting, Mark Cerny, who previously worked on titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot, has unveiled a new IP called Knack. The trailer doesn't do much to boast the new console's "advanced" graphics, but it looks like an exciting game nonetheless. Knack is some sort of robot used by humans in an intergalactic war who starts off as a cute little guy, but can grow to great size and strength. The trailers shows off monsters, archers, tanks, and spaceships, so it's going to be exciting how the game turns out.

The rumors were true! At tonight's PlayStation meeting, project manager Mark Cerny officially revealed the PlayStation 4's controller, the DualShock 4. We can see the touchpad and new analog sticks in many leaked photos, but we know now that this controller is what Sony will be using in the final release of PlayStation 4. Previously unannounced, the DualShock 4 has one light bar to differentiate between players, but it's currently unclear what further possibilities this opens up. I wonder when it will be released?

At the big Sony conference tonight, we got the PS4 announcement we expected; we were also informed that the system architect was none other than Mark Cerny, a developer who had a hit game by age 20 with Marble Madness, and worked on such titles as Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, and Jak and Daxter. This is definitely a man who knows fun gaming, so here's hoping he knows how to make a great console too.

At tonight's PlayStation meeting, the PlayStation 4 was officially announced. Shedding its codename "Orbis," PlayStation 4's announcement followed loads of corporate jargon that essentially says "gaming is fun." The focus of much of the speech is "new ways to play," so it will be interesting to see what they mean as the night goes on. As more news is made clear, you'll be able to find it here on Gamnesia.