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Since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were unveiled, their price tags have been a big subject in both rumors and discussions alike. Microsoft and Sony have opted to keep the matter under wraps, presumably until E3. As it turns out, however, our first legitimate hint regarding the consoles' price tags doesn't come from either hardware manufacturing company, but rather from a GameStop employee. According to GameStop's chief financial officer Rob Lloyd, the new Xbox and PlayStation platforms will hit retail at a "lower opening price point than they did last cycle."

For some perspective, way back in 2005 and 2006, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 hit stores at price points of $300/$400 and $500/$600 respectively. Those prices are far from chump change, so a drop in price rather than a rise is definitely good news.

Dying Light is a recently revealed zombie free-running, open-world title from Techland. The game is being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and has been revealed for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3, as well as PC. The game is said to contain a fantastic day-and-night system, and will combine upgradeable weapons with a Mirror's Edge-esque free-running gameplay style.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has also confirmed the game is not coming to Wii U.

Many games have been announced for both current and future consoles, but dozens are skipping out on the Wii U. It's sad knowing another title will not see the light of day on Nintendo's new console, although that's hardly surprising news at this point.

Dying Light releases in 2014.

“NOW this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky,
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Bungie, the studio behind development for the Halo franchise up through Halo Reach, is currently developing their first ever game, entitled Destiny, since their departure from Microsoft to become third party. Recently a new trailer dubbed "The Law of the Jungle" was uploaded to Youtube on the "destinygame" channel. The trailer is comprised of live-action and pre-rendered CG scenes, but it seems this particular trailer is more about the thematic elements of the game rather than the game play, so that's an OK choice.

Destiny is confirmed to be releasing on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. A Wii U and PC release may still be a slight possibility, but according to Bungie's Twitter account, "Destiny will absolutely be shipping on four platforms: [the above four]."

Be sure to check out the trailer after the jump!

"I would definitely like to make our money back on this game and I would to make a profit on it, but it's not actually the number one priority, right? The number one priority is to make the best possible game that we can make that brings the most beneficial experience to the players, right? That's absolutely number one."

-- Jonathan Blow

The other day, Jonathan Blow, the designer behind 2008's Braid, gave a quick interview regarding his studio's in-development game, The Witness. The conversation covers what Blow believes are the benefits of indie development, how The Witness came to be a PlayStation 4 title, and where the studio's motivation behind the game lies. It's an interesting chat, and you can check it out after the jump!

The Witness is an upcoming indie game in development PlayStation 4, PC and iPad being created by Thekla Inc.The game plans to modernize the old-school "puzzle-adventure" genre by having a more consistent logic behind the puzzle designs, while also allowing players to take part in an interesting and meaningful narrative if they so choose to.

Ever since the 2007 GDC, Media Molecule has astounded gamers and designers alike with their art style and unique mechanics. To offer a bit of background information on the company, the British game developer was founded in January of 2006. Prior to Media Molecule's establishment, Mark Healey, Alex Evans, David Smith and Kareem Ettouney worked at Lionhead Studios, which is credited with creating the Fable franchise. Following their departure, the band of friends gave a rather unusual pitch to Sony, seeking funding to start up their own original project. Media Molecule has been around for a few years now, and the stage is set for their next great creation, Tearaway.

Read further and fast forward to learn more about Media Molecule's current project!

EA does it again. Its newly announced Need for Speed game – Need for Speed: Rivalswon't be coming to the Wii U. EA's reason? Frostbite doesn't run on the Wii U. Need for Speed: Rivals will make its way to all the other consoles, including the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. It will be released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on November 19th, and the game comes to the other consoles at a later date. EA had this to say:

“Yeah, Frostbite is not really set up for Wii U. I don’t have all the information, so it wouldn’t be right for me to speak about it. Frostbite 3 is a really capable engine, it’s scalable and it gives us a big advantage on the next generation to support the Xbox One and the PS4, but it’s not being developed on the Wii U.” — EA Representative

Even though they recently released a statement confirming they had zero games in development for the eighth generation Wii U, apparently EA is still making games for two seventh generation consoles. According to EA CFO Blake Jorgensen at the Stifel 2013 Technology Conference, Electronic Arts plans to keep supporting both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 through the year 2017.

I'd guess that giving a specific year means development has already begun on all of EA's planned titles for the two consoles, but that's just speculation at this point. Anyway, what do you think of EA's seventh generation support strategy?

Over the past several years, there has been a pretty nice sum of fun and unique titles released for PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network store. We've beheld emotionally moving experiences like thatgamecompany's Journey, and we've sat down next to a couple of friends to have a laughter-fest with games like The Behemoth's Castle Crashers. And now Sony is once again, as is coming to be one of its greatest strengths, championing the "little digital games" with the announcement of a new collection series dubbed Best of PlayStation Network.

The first of the series, simply entitled Best of PlayStation Network: Vol. 1, is scheduled for release this summer, and will feature four of PlayStation Network's quality exclusives on one physical disc. The list is made up of: the cooperative action-adventure entitled When Vikings Attack!, the rhythm platformer known as Sound Shapes, the intense survival game called Tokyo Jungle, and the whimsical action-RTS named Fat Princess. Remember to keep in mind that this is only the first in the newly announced collection series, and we don't know what's to come with future installments.

Best of PlayStation Network: Vol. 1 will be launching at retail on June 25th exclusively for PlayStation 3 at a price of $39.99. Who's looking forward to it?

Earlier this month, we learned that EA had acquired the rights to develop Star Wars games from Disney after the closure of LucasArts. In a few weeks, we will know what exactly this will entail.

According to an article on EA's website, the developer will highlight their plans for Star Wars games; additionally, they will be exhibiting other next-generation games, including Need for Speed, Battlefield 4, and a whole range of EA Sports titles.

Personally, I believe that EA will be making some sort of Star Wars first-person shooter, or possibly a new entry into the Battlefront series. I would prefer a game similar to The Force Unleashed, and I would prefer for it to be good; hey, I can dream, right?

EA's E3 briefing will be entitled "The Download: EA 2013 Preview" and will air on June 10th at 1 PM PT (3 PM CT) on Spike TV and EA's website.

Following the announcement of the Xbox One yesterday, Mashable has compiled a preliminary chart comparing the specifications of each of the next-generation consoles. While under-the-hood power does not necessarily make a console, it is interesting to see how the various consoles stack up and the choices that each company made when manufacturing their latest, and possibly greatest, consoles. With many details about the hardware of Sony's Playstation 4 still unknown, the chart is incomplete, but it does have a few interesting nuggets to be found within it. See the chart after the jump!

Here's a nice little gem that the folks over at Kotaku recently discovered.

Obviously, this is box art for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Battlefield 4. You may be thinking that this art was found lurking in some forum after being deviously created by an avid fan; however, this box art actually comes from EA, and it is prominently displayed on their Xbox One and PS4 pages for the game. The page also lists the games' release date as October 31st, the same date as the PS3, 360, and PC versions. Could this mean that these consoles will be out on or before then, or is this merely a placeholder date or a mistake?

With these box art designs coming from a major company like EA, they could very well be the official styles for the new consoles. They appear to be somewhat plain to me, indicating that they could also be placeholders. But, who knows, maybe Microsoft and Sony have chosen to tone-down their box art designs?

What do you think of the designs?

Yesterday, Sony unveiled a teaser trailer that gave us our first look at the actual PS4 console. It was an unclear montage of unfocused garble and hyper-zoomed glimpses that really gave us no information about the console. Or so we thought.

In an attempt to create a mockup of the console, Reddit user Albino-Zebra took the shape of the zoomed-out views and used it to piece together the close-up images. It seems like a plausible representation, so it could be pretty close...or it could be way off base. 

Either way, we'll find out on June 10th. Stay tuned.

Ubisoft have just announced that Watch Dogs, Ubisoft's hotly anticipated Chicago sandbox game, will have a couple of preorder exclusive missions. What's more, the content will also be exclusive to the retailer from which you preordered it.

Those who preorder Watch Dogs from GameStop will receive one single player mission, entitled "The Palace Pack." Apart from the actual content of the mission itself, "The Palace Pack" will contain an investigation bonus and an ATM hack boost. The investigation bonus will open up exclusive investigation opportunities within the network, and the ATM hack boost will give you extra money when you hack into a bank account. Players who preorder from GameStop will also receive an exclusive poster from the comic book artist Alex Ross.

Those who preorder from will gain access to the "Signature Shot Pack." Upon completion of this exclusive mission, players will unlock the Biometric Assault Rifle and the Black Viceroy's Outfit. The mission itself will require players to break into a stronghold and steal the Biometric Assault Rifle so they can be the first to imprint their palm on the weapon's handle, as the gun doesn't work for anybody past the first person to imprint the handle.

Watch Dogs will be launching on November 19th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC. As for next generation consoles, Watch Dogs will be a launch title for the PlayStation 4 and is also all but confirmed to be releasing for Microsoft's next game console.

“It’s like Namco literally forgot that it succeeded with Dark Souls minutes after it got its financial results. What we see here with Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls is a series that became a cult hit specifically by not doing what everyone else did and a publisher that now wants to make it more successful by doing what everyone else did.” – Jim Sterling

This week's episode of the Jimquisition is back on the topic of Triple-A publishers and development studios being moronic, specifically Namco Bandai. See, Dark Souls II will be arriving sometime within the next year or two, and the game's publisher, Namco Bandai, is apparently planning on "treating it like a massive, massive Triple-A title" in order to appeal to a wider audience. They plan to be "widening the net" with Dark Souls II, by extension skyrocketing development costs, even though practically all of Dark Souls sales come from a very loyal cult following for whom one of the primary reasons Dark Souls is so good is that it didn't compromise its focus.

Well, I won't keep you any longer. After the jump, you can watch today's episode of the Jimquisition, "Guns Blazing" where Jim Sterling talks at length about this Triple-A problem.

You guys remember that fake PS4 teaser from last week, right? Well, it may not be as flashy and strange as the aforementioned trailer, but Sony unveiled a real teaser trailer today for the console's unveiling at E3 on June 10th.

In the trailer, we get brief, zoomed glimpses at the console's casing, but nothing that really shows us what it'll look like. From what I can get out of the trailer, the PS4 appears to be stylistically similar to the PS3 Slim, at least in shape.

We'll just have to look forward to June 10th at 8 P.M. CDT, when we'll get the scoop on all of Sony's E3 news here on Gamnesia.

Are you excited for the PS4?

Hop inside for a look at the teaser.