Nintendo executive Shigeru Miyamoto recently said that, while Nintendo will continue to focus on console gaming, they recognize that mobile is the more popular platform, which gives rise to games like the new mobile platformer Super Mario Run.

This was one of the talking points on last week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia, and we noticed this marks a stunning shift in the way Nintendo sees itself. Check out the discussion video above for our full thoughts, or keep reading below for a brief, brief summary.

Alex remarks that Nintendo's new perspective marks a tremendous change in the way they operate. Historically they've looked inwards and focused solely on their own vision for the future of gaming, while ignoring everything happening outside their own little bubble. But now they're looking at what's happening outside of that bubble and actively shaping their ideas for the future of gaming around what's popular beyond their reach.

We've already seen how this plays out in some of their other endeavors, as the upcoming Zelda: Breath of the Wild is shaped by popular open-world RPGs of the modern era far more than it seems to be shaped by its own predecessors.

Given that paying so little attention to the world outside of their own little bubble has been one of Nintendo's greatest weaknesses in the years since Wii's glory days—a weakness which in fact caused their bubble to shrink faster than ever—we think this change is a very good thing.

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