Shigeru Miyamoto recently said that Pikmin 4 is close to completion, but that it's hard to fit finishing development into Nintendo's list of priorities lately.

This was one of the talking points on a recent episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia, and though we love Pikmin, we're relieved it's taking a back seat. Check out the discussion video above for our full thoughts, or keep reading below for a brief, brief summary.

Nintendo spent six years developing Pikmin 3, a game which barely sold a million copies, so it's not a great business move to keep working that intensely on a game like Pikmin. It's especially relieving because Miyamoto often used Pikmin 3 as his explanation for not working on a new IP, which could really benefit Nintendo these days.

Alex thinks it's good that Pikmin 4 will get plenty of extra development time that makes it feel like a game truly made for NX—by comparison, Pikmin 3 was made for Wii and ported to Wii U, and Alex thinks it feels obviously so. I'm not so sure it will come out as late as Alex does, however, as Miyamoto said the game was almost finished a year ago, and the eight months between now and NX's launch seem like a good time to finish it up. After all, we know Nintendo wants a rich launch lineup for the console and Miyamoto says Pikmin 4 is "hopefully" making its way onto Nintendo's list of priorities now.

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